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    What Is Long Term Care Insurance Daily Benefits for New England Residents

    When buying a policy for long term care insurance, one thing that you’ll often hear is the daily benefit amount. It is apparently one of the important parts of a policy that affects your overall premium charge and will dictate how much cash benefits you get once your policy takes place. So, exactly how to […]


    Why Baby Boomers Need Long Term Care Insurance

    Based on the report of a group of actuaries, today’s elderly folks between 65 and 85 who have benefits to collect from their Social Security and at least $200,000 put away in the bank can somehow manage the cost of long term care.  Now if you’re looking at receiving care 20 years down the road, […]


    Long Term Care Insurance Glossary: Getting Past the Meaning

    In our daily lives, we come across different phrases and terms that we haven’t encountered before.  Our natural reaction would be to look up that word in dictionary or online. This also hold true with the different words and phrases in a long term care insurance glossary. There are different jargons and terms that you […]


    Paying for long term care: The limitations of Medicaid

    One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of Medicaid is its provision for long term care benefits. Some people deliberately refuse to buy long term care insurance thinking they can rely on Medicaid to pay for care. However, paying for long term care through Medicaid benefits does not give an individual the same flexibility he […]


    Insurance for Long Term Care

    Childless Baby Boomers Need Insurance for Long Term Care More than 25% of baby boomers who are women have been recorded to be childless by the U.S Census Bureau.  According to some members of this childless group, even an insurance for long term care won’t give them the peace of mind that they need. As […]

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