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    CLASS Act Compared to Private LTC Insurance

    Despite its cancellation, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS Act) continues to gather several opinions, as many members of the workforce think it could’ve served as a good alternative to private long term care insurance…   Or maybe not.   Since it was signed into law in 2010, this voluntary long term […]


    Get Help from Long Term Care Resources

    As children, we always turned to our parents, older siblings, uncles, and other relatives every time we couldn’t get a job done smoothly.  Now as an adult who is responsibly planning his future health care needs, it won’t hurt if you would turn to reliable long term care resources for some help.   Long term […]


    Meticulousness with Long Term Care Resources

    Long term care (LTC) is not as simple as undergoing treatment with hopes of getting better because one never knows if he’ll ever be able to function normally again; or if qualifying for LTC is a totally new chapter in his life which he has to embrace.  So if you are currently planning your future […]


    Are You Ready for Delaware’s Long Term Care Costs?

    Delaware long term care costs are increasing as fast as the state’s 65 and older population.  Based on the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau, senior Delawareans make up 14.7% of Delaware’s total population but in less than 20 years this percentage is expected to double.   Unfortunately, not all senior folks in Delaware are ready to […]


    Picking Good Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

    No idea where to get long term care insurance quotes?  Those in the know will tell you that a trusted insurance agent who is connected with top firms providing long term care insurance (LTCI) can gather as many options for you to choose from.   If you do not have an insurance agent, you can […]

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