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    Long Term Care Insurance Benefits: Incentivizing the Purchase of LTC Insurance

      Currently, there are more than 41 million Americans over the age of 65. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, about 29 million of them will develop a condition that would require long term care. However, despite several awareness campaigns on the importance of long term care planning, less than 9 […]


    Why is Long Term Care a Family Issue?

    When someone in the family has lost the ability to perform his ordinary day-to-day activities it’s not only that person who gets affected but the entire unit.  The government and many private organizations that are committed to improving the long term care industry encourage every American family to gather reliable long term care information that […]


    The Importance of Long Term Care Planning

    Plan ahead. Nobody could have given this advice better than those who have risked growing old without long term care insurance. Their regrets for not being able to live their last years the way they want send a chill to everyone who hear their stories, encouraging people to take their own measures in planning for […]


    Factors Affecting Your Long Term Care Costs

      Americans have become accustomed to living comfortable and well-off lives. Despite the economic turmoil, people still manage to have a positive outlook and the country is still the top choice for foreigners who’d like to get better opportunities in their career and improve their overall quality of living.   However, we cannot really say […]


    Why the Fuss Over Long Term Care Ins?

    It’s no longer just a concern among aging individuals, long term care ins has evolved and people acquiring it are actually getting younger every year. According to medical studies, the demand for long term care among young people aged 40 and below is getting higher each year.  Cases of multiple sclerosis and early onset Alzheimer’s […]

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