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    5 LTCI Claims and the Truth behind Them

    When information is readily available at the ends of your fingertips, it is so easy to get the facts and opinions mixed up. Technology has made everything available and the onslaught of information could sometimes lead to confusion here and there. So to help clear up a few concepts about long term care and the […]


    LTCI Marketing Tips: How to Cope with that “No”

    Long term care insurance as a product is not easy to sell. If you have never been rejected in your life, then you better prepare your heart before stepping into the LTCI world. You will face rejection more times than you can count with your fingers and toes combined. It could even be considered a […]


    Long term care insurance is often branded as a product for the seniors. When it comes to letting the world know about LTCI products, is it better to resort to traditional types of media and target the baby boomers? A big number of the LTC industry consumers are of the older generations, but does it […]

    LTCI communicating with different generations

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