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    Churning Out Long Term Care Insurance to a Resistant Public

    It is apparent that most people do not treat long term care insurance (LTCI) with much importance as they do other insurance products such as car, home, life, and disability among others. Despite this reality the question at hand is why do insurance companies continue to churn out LTCI policies and offer these to a […]


    Is Long Term Care Insurance Still the Solution?

    Many baby boomers are expected to require long term health care but only a few of them will be able to cover the cost of care out-of-pocket. So, they are advised by financial experts to look into a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy that will help them cover expenses that they could possibly incur […]


    Whether it is your spouse, child, or a close friend you treat as family, when you fall ill, the very first person you want by your side is your family. Just by their mere presence, you already feel a sense of comfort and security. You are not alone in this. 70% of people who turn […]

    Family Caregivers and Long Term Care Insurance

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