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    If you want a good life in your senior years, you may want to get long term care insurance. If this is the first time you encounter this type of insurance, you may ask “what is long term care insurance?” You may also ask “when to buy long term care insurance?”   When you have […]

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    Does Health Insurance Cover Long Term Care?

    One concerning fact about retirement is this:   It is riddled with misconceptions that could turn into expensive mistakes.   One such misconception is that health insurance policies cover long term care expenses. After all, these services fall under medical care, right?   This creates a false sense of security that could lead many baby […]


    Planning effectively with the right long term care information

    People must always remember:   In order to plan effectively for your future care expenses, you need to have all the right long term care information. This doesn’t just help you make the right decisions but create the best strategies, as well.   Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, it is not, and we may have technology […]


    LTC Policies, Medicaid, and Medicare: Which Works Best?

    Long term care (LTC) policies, Medicare, and Medicaid: which among the three options provide the most coverage for your care needs? Let’s discuss each type to help you find the right support for your impending care needs.     LTC needs are just around the corner for many baby boomers transitioning into retirement. However, not […]


    How to Purchase Long Term Care Policies before Retirement

    Long term care policies provide a way for baby boomers to build a fund that will support their future care needs. Instead of having to face the care expenses with whatever assets and savings you have amassed by then, these policies help you build the finances over time at a comfortable pace. However, many baby […]

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