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    Purchasing Life Insurance for Baby Boomers Over 50

    As we get closer to the retirement years, we often hear about the struggles and challenges that retirees now face. With each article we read, we wonder if the image of the twilight years we conjured in our heads is still attainable. So many Americans are stretching at the seams just to have enough for […]


    Long Term Care Planning: Knowing Your Options

    One of America’s biggest challenges is the state of long term care and the struggles that many Americans have to face to overcome its costs. Plenty of us spend our lives preparing for the twilight years. The moment we started working, we look to the future. We plan for it the resources that we have […]


    Things to Consider When Getting a Joint Policy 

    With a joint policy, two people can be covered by a single long term care insurance policy. Usually, couples and partners get this kind of policy, but relatives are also eligible. Having a single policy can be simpler to manage but there are certain things that must be considered and thought through. One would be […]


    Is Getting an Accident Insurance Worth It?

    Accidents are very common anywhere you go, and no one can predict when these accidents will happen. Even if you are the most careful person on earth, if you happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, there is nothing you can do but pray that you will just get a few […]


    6 Things Life Insurance Covers

    Hearing the term “Life Insurance” scares most people. It’s considered as a morbid topic with a dark ending and some form of compromise. But it doesn’t always have to sound so grim at all after learning about other benefits that you never knew about until now. It can cover terminal illness Not many life insurance […]

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