Academy Credit Card Login: How To Make Your Payment

Academy Credit Card is a store credit card that is offered by Academy Sports + Outdoors store chain and issued/serviced by Comenity Capital Bank. With the help of this post, Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card account holders can easily use their Academy Credit Card Login portal to make their Academy Credit Card payment, view statement, check their balances and lots more.

You have to attentively read this article till the end in order to learn how to register your new Academy Credit Credit Card for online account access for new customers, learn how to sign in to your account and make your Academy Credit Card payments. Keep in mind, though, that like this website, it only gives general information for everyone. It is not the law. It is not a regulation. It is not legal advice.

Features and Benefits of Academy Credit Card

Every credit card has some standard and special features. Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card is also having some standard and special features and here we will discuss the special features only of the Academy Credit Card, which are as follows.

  • 5% off your purchase when you use your Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card in stores and
  • Free standard shipping for orders of $15 or more when you use your Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card.
  • Exclusive cardmember perks!
  • You don’t have to pay an annual fee for using this Academy Card.
  • There will be a feature for the cardholders in which 5x earning category.
  • You will be able to earn 2x points on the gas stations.
  • 1x points can be yours if you pay with an Academy Card where a Visa card is accepted.
  • You can have a $25 Academy Rewards Card for every 2500 points you earned.

How To Register Your Academy Credit Card Online

To manage your Academy Card online you have to activate or register it. And to register your card you also have to create an account online. And this will help you manage your credit card, pay your bill, and many other benefits. As the accountholder (the primary person who applied for the Academy Credit Card), when you register for and sign in to your Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card account, you have 24/7 online access to the following account management tools:

  • Make your Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card payment online
  • Manage payment and account settings
  • Update your stored personal information
  • Choose paperless billing
  • Add an authorized buyer
  • Ask for an increased credit limit
  • Check current balance
  • See available credit amount
  • View current and past transactions
  • View current and past statements
  • View scheduled and past payments

Please note

  • You’ll need to be the main Academy cardholder in order to register
  • For security, you have 5 minutes to complete the registration process
  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser – so they can get you to the right page and help you log in as quickly as possible.
  • It should only take a few moments. Once registered, you’ll have immediate access to your Academy Credit Card account and be able to check your transactions, view your statements, pay your bill and manage your account online securely and easily.
  • At first, you have to reach the Academy Card website by clicking on this link
  • After that, you have to scroll down that page and reach the online access segment. And from this particular segment, you have to click on the “Register for Online Access” to start the procedure.
  • After that, you have to enter details like credit card account number, ZIP Code or postal code, identification information like SSN or SIN or AIN, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • After that click on the “Find My Account” and follow the further instructions and complete the registration procedure.

If you face any problem while registering, Here are a few things to try that might help:

  • Check the back of your card to see if you are visiting the correct Account Center for your Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card. You are currently visiting If the back of your card has a different Account Center web address, please register at that web address instead.
  • Make sure you have not recently requested a change to your Account. If you have, please wait 48 hours before trying again.
  • Enter the correct Account number. If you don’t know your Account number, you will find it on your billing statement or credit card.
  • Enter the Social Security number, Social Insurance number or alternate ID you used when you applied for your credit card.
  • Enter the correct ZIP/postal code that matches the address of your last bill. 

Still need help registering? Please call Customer Care at 1-877-321-8509, TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918.

Academy Credit Card Login Steps

After registering your card for online access, you have to complete the sign-in procedure every time when you want to access your online account. You can efficiently and accurately manage your account. Customers can review their account statements, make bill payments, update profile information etc. Following, are the steps to Sign in to your Academy Credit Card account.

Academy Credit Card Login
  • First of all, browse this link  from your browser.
  • After that, you will reach the Academy Credit Card website and from you will see the “Sign In” segment.
  • And then you have to enter your Username and Password.
  • And then click on the “Sign In” button to complete the procedure.

Once logged in, you can view your Hot Topic Credit Card account summary, make payments, and update your profile information. You can also activate paperless statements and set up autopay to have your monthly statement automatically paid each month from a checking or savings account.

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How To Make Your Academy Credit Card Payment

Once you start using your credit card you have to pay your credit card bill on the due date. And you can pay your Academy Card bill in three different ways and the ways are online, by phone, and by mail. And processes are mentioned below in very simple steps.

1: How to Pay Academy Credit Card Bill Online: To pay your bill online you have to complete the Academy Card Account Sign In procedure (as mentioned above) first by browsing this link And then follow the direction to make your Academy Card Bill Payment online.

You can also pay a bill without signing in with Comenity’s EasyPay.

2: How to make your Academy Credit Card payment by Phone: If you cannot be able to pay your bill online then you can pay your bill by phone call. And to pay your Academy Card bill online you have to dial this number 1-877-321-8509 and share your card and payment details with the customer service assistant or executive and follow the instructions of them to complete your Academy Card bill payment by phone.

3: How to Pay Academy Credit Card Bill By Mail: There is also an alternative way to pay your Academy Card bill payment. And the way is by mail. You just have to send your credit card payment details and the check or money order of your bill with your mail to the following mailing address.

Academy Sports Credit Card
P.O. Box 659820
San Antonio, TX 78265

Contact Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card

If you need additional assistance, contact Customer Care.

Customer Care:
1-877-321-8509 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918)


Customer Care Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 9:00pm ES

Customer Care Address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003


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