ACCC Agent Login: How To Login, Pay Bills Online

ACCC Insurance Company is a leading provider of personal auto insurance servicing over 3,000 independent agents and their customers. ACCC, a privately held company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. ACCC strongly believes in encouraging the upward mobility of our employees. Continue reading below as we provide ACCC Agent Login links.

Use the guides on this page to learn how to sign in to your ACCC Agent Login portal, enroll in online access, make a payment, and report a claim all from the ACCC policy management website. Also detailed is what to do if you already have an account but do not remember your password.

ACCC Agent Login – How To Login To ACCC Insurance

  • Start by going to the main site (
  • Click the “View Policy/Print ID Card” link to go to the sign-in form.
  • Enter your policy number and password into the form, and then click the “Submit” button.

Information for Policyholders of ACCC Insurance Company

This notice provides information about ACCC Insurance Company (ACCC), including answers to frequently asked questions. This information is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should contact an attorney.

1: Is ACCC in business? No. ACCC will be liquidated because it doesn’t have enough funds to stay in business.
A Travis County District Court issued an order placing ACCC into liquidation as of December 30, 2020. A Special Deputy Receiver was appointed to take control of ACCC.

2: Are ACCC policies still in effect? If your policy was issued in Texas or Alabama, your policy may be transferred to
another insurance company. The SDR is working with Redpoint County Mutual Insurance Company to take over ACCC’s Texas policies, and Incline Casualty Company to take over ACCC’s Alabama policies. You will be informed if your policy is transferred. If your policy is not transferred, it will end on the Termination Date as explained below. It was not possible to transfer policies issued in states other than Texas or Alabama. If your policy was issued in another state, or your policy is not transferred as described above, your policy will end on the earliest of the following dates (Termination Date):
• January 29, 2021;
• The date your policy expired; or
• The date you replaced or terminated your ACCC policy, or failed to make a
payment required to maintain coverage.
If you don’t obtain replacement coverage before the Termination Date you will not be
insured, which might violate state laws requiring proof that you can pay for accidents.

3: How will claims under ACCC policies be paid? ACCC was licensed to issue policies in Texas and 19 other states. Each state has an insurance guaranty association (Guaranty Association) that pays claims under policies issued in its state, subject to conditions and limitations, when a licensed insurer is placed in liquidation. Information about the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association can be found at Information about other Guaranty
Associations can be found at the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds website,

4: Will my premium for the period after the policy is canceled be refunded? Your state’s Guaranty Association is responsible for paying claims for unearned premium claims, subject to limits and other exclusions.

5: What if any part of my claim is not covered by a Guaranty Association? If a Guaranty Association does not cover your claim, you must file a proof of claim with the Special Deputy Receiver. Instructions for filing claims will be posted on ACCC’s website in the future.

6: What should I do if I have a claim check that was issued by ACCC? Checks will not be honored after January 29, 2021. If a check issued by ACCC is not accepted by a bank, you will have to make a claim with a Guaranty Association.

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