Activatewisely Com: How To Activate Your Wisely Card Online

Activatewisely Com: Did you just receive a new Wisely Pay Card? If yes, to use your card, you need to activate your card first. Just read below and follow the instructions to complete the activation process, then you can use your card to load & get your cards, pay your bills, and shop at store or online.

Wisely is a powerful yet simple new solution to help you manage your financial life. From ADP, a name you trust with your pay, Wisely is a suite of personal financial tools that works for you. Providing you awareness and helping you to budget wisely. Spend wisely. Save wisely.

Wisely automatically tracks your spending through a prepaid debit card, suggests spending buckets, and helps you save for your financial goals. It transforms the way you manage your money from the moment it hits your account – helping you get to a better financial future.

You’ll receive a Wisely with ADP™ prepaid debit card with your Wisely account and you can use the card wherever Mastercard® debit cards are accepted worldwide. You can use it to make payments and purchases in stores, online or by phone.

What Are The Benefits of Wisely Pay Card?

With Wisely Pay there are no monthly service or overdraft fees, minimum balances, or direct deposit charges..

Deposit your payroll, tax refund  or benefits check to your prepaid account for free with direct deposit.

Easy to add cash at more than 100,000 locations.

Use your Wisely prepaid card to shop online, pay bills, and purchase goods or services anywhere Debit Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

Access to your money at all times with online banking from the comfort of your home, work, or anywhere with Internet access.

Earn cash bonuses, referral bonuses and rewards on your every purchase.

Activatewisely Com: How To Activate Your Wisely Card at 

It’s easy, just activate your card directly at 

Step 1: Open the above provided website in your web browser, then enter your card number and CVV number. The CVV number is the 3-digit number shown on the right of your signature.

Step 2: Click on the “Submit” button to continue, then you need to provide your personal information to fill out the registration form.

Step 3: Activate your card and create your online account of

To activate your card by phone, just call 866-313-6901 and follow the instructions.

Please note: You will not be charged anything until you decide to start using your card. Once you activate your card, your monthly service fee will begin.

You will need to choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and set up your direct deposit when you activate your card. For customer service, please call 1-866-313-9029. Once you activate and fund your card, you can use the card to purchase goods and services everywhere Mastercard® debit cards are accepted and withdraw cash at all participating ATMs. You can view your balance on the free myWisely mobile app, or at

Wisely Card FAQs

Wisely® Pay Card Help

What if my card is lost, stolen, or used without my permission? Don’t worry! Your card balance is FDIC insured and you are not liable for unauthorized purchases. If your card is lost or stolen, be sure to lock your card using the myWisely® app.

You can instantly lock your card so it cannot be used. Log into the myWisely® app and go to account settings, then open card settings to use this feature. If you find your card, you can instantly unlock it and resume using it. But report a lost, stolen, or damaged card to their call center immediately by calling 1-866-313-6901. They will cancel your card and transfer the funds to a new card that will be sent to you.

How much does it cost to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card? They understand your card can be lost, stolen or damaged and that’s why we will grant one (1) free card replacement for a lost/stolen primary or secondary card per calendar year. Each additional card replacement for a lost/stolen primary or secondary card per calendar year will incur a fee.

What happens if my card is expiring or expired? No worries. Your new card will come in the mail! They’ll send an updated card your way as the expiration date on your card gets closer. If you don’t receive the new card before your current one expires, please contact them at 1-866-313-6901.

How can I change my PIN number? If you would like to change your pin, you can log into the myWisely® app and tap card settings to enter a new PIN.

How do I change or update my personal information? You can update your email, street address, and phone number directly from the myWisely® app7 or To change your personal information on the myWisely® mobile app7 or 1. Go to Account Settings. 2. Tap the Profile Info button. 3. Make your changes.

What if I forgot my User ID or Password? You may request your username and password here or on the myWisely® app.

What if I forgot my PIN? If you forget your PIN or would like to change it, you can do so by calling Cardholder Services, using the phone number on the back of your card.

Using My Wisely® Pay Card

How do I make purchases with my card? You can use your Wisely® Pay card on the phone, online, or in any store that accepts Debit Mastercard® or Visa®. You can also add your Wisely Pay card to your mobile wallet. Pay with a single touch anywhere Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Google Pay™ is accepted.7

Is there a fee to make internet purchases with my card? There is no fee to make Internet purchases with your Wisely® card.

How can I get cash using my card? You’ve got a few options. ATMs. You can get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. There are also 40,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide where you can get cash with your Wisely® Pay card. log into myWisely® to find in-network, surcharge-free ATMs in your area.5 Banks. You can go to any participating bank and withdraw all of your money to the penny.8 Inform the teller you wish to do an over-the-counter transaction, and tell them the amount you would like to withdraw.

Can my card be used to make debit or credit transactions? Your Wisely® Pay card can be used to make either a debit or credit transaction. Debit transactions will require a personal identification number (PIN) and are best used when you want cash back from a merchant. These transactions do not incur a fee. Credit transactions do not require a PIN and do not incur a fee.

How do I use my card to pay for recurring monthly payments (such as mobile phone)? Contact your biller/retailer for their direct bill payment options to see if they accept card payments.4 If they do, enter in your card information into the recurring billing payments form.

Can I request a card for a spouse or family member? Of course! Primary cardholders will be able to transfer funds to and from secondary cardholders. You and all secondary cardholders may be required to pass an additional validation process. Each person has full and immediate access to the funds on their individual card.

To order another card log into your account at or the myWisely® mobile app.7 Click or tap the menu button in the upper right corner and scroll to the button at the bottom of this menu to order another card. Follow the screen instructions from there.

How do I check my balance and view transaction history without a fee? or the myWisely® mobile app7 allows you to check your balance, view transaction history, find nearby ATMs, see spending trends, and much more. You can access your card account online or from your phone, anytime, anywhere, with myWisely®. You can also set up email and text alerts, including low balance notifications at whatever amount you decide.7

What are pending transactions? This is the amount of money that has been set aside for purchases made with your card, but has not yet been collected by the merchant.


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