Aetna Medicare Login: How To Access Your Aetna Account

This guild is to show you How To Login To Aetna Medicare Login Portal, All you need to do is to Select your plan to log in to your secure account, you may skip the overview and continue below.

Aetna, a CVS Health company since 2018, is the fourth-largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans. The company offers a strong array of benefits, with most plans including dental, vision and hearing coverage, and many plans offering additional (and valuable) perks. They’re also largely low cost, with an estimated 80% of Medicare beneficiaries having access to a $0-premium Aetna plan and the lowest-cost stand-alone drug plan in the country.


Established in 1853, Aetna is a dental healthcare company that’s committed to offering individuals, employers, and dental professionals with innovative and beneficial services and products. The company’s vision is to provide quality healthcare access to millions of Americans.

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  • Mobile App: Android | iPhone
  • Telephone Number: +1 800-872-3862
  •  Founded: 1853 (167 years ago)

Aetna has made several milestones to ensure that the health concerns of all their clients are best dealt with. One of the milestones being provision of efficient online services where one can access a doctor and/or any other health professional anywhere anytime using an Aetna app on a smart phone or any device with an internet connection. Here are simple instructions to be followed by clients;

Although Aetna’s offerings are notable, its plans score in the “average” range for member satisfaction and quality of care. And if you’re looking beyond HMO, PPO and Special Needs Plans, Aetna doesn’t offer other plan types. Here’s what you should know about Aetna Medicare Advantage.

Aetna Medicare Advantage pros and cons

Aetna’s offerings have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Multiple benefits offerings: In addition to dental, vision and hearing, Aetna Medicare beneficiaries in many plans have access to benefits such as an over-the-counter allowance, meal delivery services and in-home health visits.
  • Strong $0 premium offerings: In 2021, Aetna estimates that four out of five Medicare-eligible beneficiaries in the U.S. will have access to a $0-monthly-premium Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Low-cost drug coverage: Aetna offers the lowest-premium stand-alone prescription drug plan nationwide, including in Washington, D.C.
  • Broad availability: Aetna offers plans in 46 states and Washington, D.C., as well as stand-alone drug plans in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.


  • Average star ratings: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services gives Aetna’s 2021 Medicare Advantage plans an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, with not a single plan earning 5 stars. (The national average for all providers is 4.16.)
  • Mediocre member love: When it comes to member satisfaction, J.D. Power found that Aetna Medicare Advantage scored 789 points out of 1,000, placing it fifth overall out of 10 Medicare Advantage companies ranked and just below the industry average of 800 points.
  • Limited plan types: Aetna offers HMO, PPO and Special Needs Plans, but doesn’t offer private fee-for-service or medical savings account plans.

Is Aetna Medicare a Good Plan?

Based on the most recent year of data, Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans get an average rating of 3.7, and the company’s prescription drug plans (Part D) get an average score of 3.8. The average star rating for plans from all providers was 4.06

Is Aetna Medicare the same as Medicare?

Both terms refer to the same thing. Instead of Original Medicare from the federal government, you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) offered by a private insurance company.

Aetna Medicare Login Steps

Aetna Medicare Login Steps

How To Reset Your Password

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your username or password. You can change it any time by following the instructions below;

  • Step 1-Go to browser and type
  • Step 2– Select your plan and Click forgot username /password. These options are below the login area
  • Step 3– enter your current username/ password
  • Step 4– enter your new username/password and verify it.

If you still can’t access the Aetna Medicare Login Portal then see contact customer service at

1-855-335-1407 (TTY: 711)
7 days a week, 8 AM to 8 PM

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