Aetna Member Login – How To Login To Aetna’s Member Portal

Aetna Inc is an American managed health care company that sells traditional and consumer directed health care insurance and related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, and disability plans, primarily through employer-paid (fully or partly) insurance and benefit programs, and through Medicare.  Since November 28, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of CVS Health. Here are simple instructions to be followed by clients to access the Aetna Member Login portal.

The company’s network includes 22.1 million medical members, 12.7 million dental members, 13.1 million pharmacy benefit management services members, 1.2 million health-care professionals, over 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists, and over 5,700 hospitals.

Aetna is the direct descendant of Aetna (Fire) Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The name of the company is based on Mount Etna, at the time the most active volcano in Europe


Established in 1853, Aetna is a dental healthcare company that’s committed to offering individuals, employers, and dental professionals with innovative and beneficial services and products. The company’s vision is to provide quality healthcare access to millions of Americans.

Aetna has made several milestones to ensure that the health concerns of all their clients are best dealt with. One of the milestones being provision of efficient online services where one can access a doctor and/or any other health professional anywhere anytime using an Aetna app on a smart phone or any device with an internet connection. Here are simple instructions to be followed by clients;

Aetna Member Login – How To Login To Aetna’s Member Portal

  • Open your browser and type
  • Click on login
  • Select member login. this will take you to the member portal.
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click secure login

Aetna Member Login – Forgotten Username or Password?

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your username or password. You can change it any time by following the instructions below;

  • Step 1-Go to browser and type
  • Step 2– Click forgot username /password. These options are below the login area
  • Step 3– enter your current username/ password
  • Step 4– enter your new username/password and verify it.

It’s as simple as that!

Aetna FAQ

1: How do I get my Aetna insurance card? How can I get a new ID card? If you need a duplicate or additional ID card, you can view and print one within your secure member website. A digital or printed card is identical to a plastic ID card. If you’re having trouble, contact us and we can help

2: How Do I Check My Aetna Coverage? The best place to find details about your coverage and benefits is your secure member website. It takes only a few minutes to register. And you only need your member number, which is on your Aetna ID card. You can still get benefits and coverage information by calling the number on your ID card.

3: How long does Aetna take to process a claim? If they had to approve your claim before you got care, they will decide within 30 days of getting your appeal. For other claims, they will decide within 60 days.

4: Does Aetna cover blood work? You can get lab work done at a network lab. With your Aetna health plan, which you may have transitioned from Coventry to Aetna, you can save big on lab services at thousands of labs across the nation. Just make sure all your testing is done at a lab in the Aetna network.

5: What is Aetna provider phone number? 1-800-872-3862For general inquiries, reach our Corporate Headquarters at 1-800-US-AETNA (1-800-872-3862).

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