AIG Direct Reviews, Pros & Cons, FAQs, Complaints

As part of the Life Insurance division of AIG, AIG Direct helps families secure quality life insurance coverage through a direct-to-consumer approach that is both simple and convenient. Read the full AIG Direct Reviews below.

AIG Direct Reviews

AIG Direct is a life insurance company that sells life insurance policies underwritten by American General Life Insurance. The primary difference is that AIG Direct’s life insurance policies are sold online or through a call center, whereas other AIG policies are typically sold through life insurance agents. Most of the policy selections available through AIG Direct are the same, so the primary choice to make when buying an AIG policy is whether you’d want an assigned agent.

Agents can meet you in person if they’re local, and they offer a consistent voice when you need answers. They also generally spend more time assisting you to understand how a policy fits into your broader financial objectives. There’s no difference in quotes if you decide to purchase the same product from AIG Direct or an AIG agent.

AIG Direct, which is part of our Life Insurance division, focuses on helping Americans secure life insurance at affordable prices. Aided by our financial strength, AIG Direct is one of the insurance industry’s fastest-growing and innovative companies.

AIG Direct fills a demand for an improved — and easier — method for securing direct-to-consumer life insurance at budget-friendly pricing with reliable protection. In fact, our services allow consumers to apply for a policy both on the phone and online based on their needs and preferences. These options enable thousands of customers each month to customize how they obtain accurate insurance quotes and high-quality coverage.

Since its launch more than 25 years ago, AIG Direct has been trusted by a million-plus customers to help protect the future for their families and loved ones. Consumers are supported by not only AIG Direct, but also the AIG family, and our commitment to providing an excellent level of care and services.

Why AIG Direct

They assist thousands of people each month by providing accurate and free online term life insurance quotes and helping them secure high quality coverage.

Pros & cons of AIG Direct Life Insurance


  • Multiple policy options with customization available
  • Strong financials to pay claims
  • Works with people suffering from ADHD, anxiety, asthma, diabetes and those using marijuana or CBD products to provide competitive rates
  • Guaranteed issue option (No medical questions or exam) for seniors from 50- to 80-years old
  • Allows policy renewals and conversions on term life insurance


  • Struggles with customer ratings and reviews
  • Lower-than-average J.D. Power scores 




One way AIG Direct reviews is different is their underwriting guidelines.  American General Life Insurance also offers the option to select a term for certain term policies for those who need something other than a standard 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35-year term policy.  Another thing that sets AIG apart is their rate reconsideration policy.  If you purchase an AIG life insurance product and improve your health, you can request a rate reconsideration into a better health class, which can lower your rates.


AIG Direct Reviews uncovered that you have several types of life insurance to choose from with different options to help meet an individual and family’s unique needs. Choose from:

  • Term
  • Whole life
  • Universal life
  • Guaranteed issue
  • Accidental death

Life insurance policies also have riders available to add on for an additional cost. Those include:

  • Accelerated death benefit (the main feature of the Quality of Life policy)
  • Accidental death rider (can also be purchased as stand-alone policy)
  • Child term rider (from ages 15 days to 19 years, available amounts from $50 to $25,000)
  • Wavier of premium


AIG Insurance offers other products besides life and accidental death insurance.  Those products include:

  • Auto
  • Home 
  • Travel
  • Annuities
  • Retirement
  • Mutual Funds

AIG’s life and financial services products can be purchased individually or through participating employers.

How do I get an AIG Direct life insurance quote?

You can click here and complete the form. This is the most efficient way to get a quote from AIG Direct.

Are AIG Direct life insurance rates competitive?

Yes. Very competitive. We recommend comparing the rates they give you to anything else on the market and you’ll see how competitive they are.

Can you really get $250,000 of life insurance for $14/mo?

You’ll see this claim on their advertising on their website and on TV.  The answer is yes.

If you’re in good health and are fairly young, you can get $250,000 of life insurance for that amount.

Is there a medical exam involved to purchase life insurance from AIG Direct?

It depends. In most cases, yes, you’ll need to take a medical exam.

How fast does AIG Direct pay claims?

AIG life insurance pays claims quickly. Our experience has been if you had your policy for 2 years, claims will be paid within 7-10 days. If you’re in the contestability period (first 2 years of your policy), it may take a little longer as they’ll verify everything on your application was truthful. This is standard with every life insurance company.

What kind of life insurance policies does AIG Direct sell?

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance (permanent life insurance)
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance
  • Accidental death insurance

What is AIG Direct’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?

AIG Direct has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What about AIG Direct Complaints?

If you search online, you’ll find complaints from some unhappy clients of AIG Direct. Just like you would any other big company. If someone has a bad experience, they’ll make sure the internet hears about it.

The complaints are the same issues you’ll find at any other agency. The life insurance application process can be frustrating no matter the company you choose – there’s a lot of things outside the control of AIG.

AIG Direct just happens to do a lot more business and is in the public eye so they’re a target for those frustrated with the process.

Is AIG Direct a Good Life Insurance Company?

After conducting our review of AIG Direct, we believe they are a great option for term life insurance, guaranteed universal life insurance, and guaranteed issue whole life insurance.

We think that AIG is one of the best life insurance companies in the US.

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