Allstate Drivewise App: How does Allstate Drivewise work?

About The Allstate Drivewise App

The Allstate Drivewise app is available for Android and Apple devices and is easily downloadable. The app enables insurers to manage claims, payments and drivers all through your mobile device. Additionally, you can display trip information and cash rewards on your dashboard.

Drivewise also offers a nice benefit to the insured as it can allow you to receive an additional discount with safe driving. You can also receive custom insights to your driving habits. Simply by downloading the app and driving safely you can receive cash back rewards as often as every six months.

Users who try to “cheat” the Drivewise process by attempting to alter or modify the app and/or the data it connects (among other things) can lose their discounts, rewards and service. In some cases, Allstate may take legal action against users who tamper with the Drivewise app.

With the Allstate app, you can:

  • Access your proof of insurance (pink card) when needed
  • Review your current coverage and request changes • View your billing information and make a payment
  • Look up claim details
  • Easily contact Allstate when you need help The app is designed for Allstate customers with a myAllstate account.

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How does Allstate Drivewise work?

Every time you drive your car, Drivewise monitors your vehicle’s speed once it reaches 20 mph. You don’t need to do anything: it runs in the background on your cell phone or other device, and doesn’t interfere with any other activities, such as making phone calls.

The app records three characteristics: your speed (safe speed is considered anything under 80 mph), braking, and the time of day.

The app uses about the same amount of battery charge that other navigational apps use, so it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery. Allstate does recommend that you plug your phone in to charge while you’re driving, though. The company also notes that it uses little data, and that is only uploaded at the end of each trip when the phone is connected to the internet, either Wi-Fi or cellular.

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Along with the mobile app, Allstate will send you a small device, about half the size of a pack of cards, that plugs into your dashboard.

This device assists in monitoring your car’s activity, and can also serve a diagnostic function, helping you to know when something has gone wrong, and even making an appointment for it to be fixed.

What does Allstate Drivewise track?

The Drivewise app monitors your speed, the time of day you drive, location app usage and performance, as well as your braking. To receive the best rewards, you must avoid driving over 80 mph, minimize hard braking and avoid late-night driving, which is when more road accidents occur. Allstate also monitors your trips and maps within the app, however Allstate employees who service policies will not have access to any location data, although agents will be able to access it.

Does Allstate Drivewise track your location?

Allstate Drivewise tracks your location in both the app and device-based forms of the program. In fact, GPS data is just one of the many pieces of information Allstate collects on you when you use the Drivewise program. Both versions collect some form of the following data during a trip:

  • Your location
  • Time your trip begins and ends
  • The number of miles you drive in a given hour
  • Your average speed when the car is moving
  • Braking
  • Hard braking (braking between 8 mph and 10 mph in one second)
  • Extreme braking (braking over 10 mph in one second)
  • Accelerating, including when you accelerate more than 8 mph in one second
  • The number of excessive speed changes

Allstate partners with third-party companies to analyze the data generated by your driving performance. This means that it’s not just Allstate agents who can view your data; employees from other, unknown organizations can as well.

However, Allstate explicitly says that the people who have access to your policy do not have access to your location data. Consider your own comfort level with sharing personal data before deciding to join the program.

How to enroll in Allstate Drivewise

To enroll in most usage-based insurance discount programs, you must be a policyholder. However, non-customers can use the Drivewise app to track their driving habits, too.

It’s simple to download the mobile app. You’ll create an account once the app is downloaded, select “Drivewise” and follow the directions on the screen.

Note, however, the Drivewise program is not available in all states, and rewards vary according to state laws. Contact a local Allstate agent to find out if Drivewise is available in your state.

Who should use Allstate Drivewise?

Drivewise is a great option for people who maintain the proper speed limit, drive mostly during daylight hours, and routinely practice good braking habits. Existing policyholders can receive a discount just for enrolling in the program, with the potential for further cash rewards following the monitoring period.

Parents can enroll their teen drivers in the Drivewise program and monitor the trip data to see how well their kids perform behind the wheel. Teens can receive instant alerts when Drivewise detects dangerous driving behavior and see tips to help them master their driving skills.


Drivewise is one of the few telematics offerings that don’t require you to be a customer of its parent insurance company (Allstate, in this case), and it’s nice that you only need to download an app to use it, rather than install another tracking device on your car.

So, is Drivewise worth it? That depends on a few factors. How safely you drive plays a major role. If you regularly speed on the highway or take a route that often requires slamming on the brakes — such as going around a school or park — you might not reap any benefits and could end up paying a higher premium.

Then again, if you routinely practice safe driving and normally have smooth routes, you could receive cash back and other rewards. Additionally, if you work remotely and don’t have a commute to a workplace, you can be more selective about your driving time and try to avoid densely populated areas with lots of traffic.

Ultimately, it’s your decision. Any discounted premiums will come from Allstate’s calculations and your driving performance. Whether or not you enroll in Drivewise, it’s a good idea to reassess your car insurance situation once every six months.

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