Allstate Drivewise Login: How To Access Your Account

Drivewise is a great new way for safe drivers to save up to 30% on their Allstate auto insurance policy.
It is an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone that gathers information about your daily driving habits. The Allstate Drivewise Login portal allows you to manage your account online. With Drivewise, you can save with safe driving and receive personalized driving insights. They will reward you just for getting started and then keep rewarding you every six months for safe speeds, safe stops, safe driving hours and low mileage.

Read our downloadable guide carefully and completely. It contains important information that should answer most of your questions about how to create or manage your Allstate Drivewise online account. Keep in mind, though, that like this website, it only gives general information. It is not the law. It is not a regulation. It is not legal advice.

How it Works

Step 1: Register and Download

  • Speak to your local Allstate agent to register for Drivewise.
  • Once registered, you will receive a text message with a link to download the app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you will be prompted to register your account and accept the terms and conditions. The information used to register your account, including email address and cell phone number, must correspond with what you have listed on your policy.
  •  In order to complete the registration process, you will need to enter a PIN number, which you will receive via text message.
  • A welcome email will be sent once your registration is complete and then monitoring can begin!

Step 2: Drive Safely and Save!

The app tracks your driving data for six months and then rewards you for:

  • Driving at safer speeds
  • Driving during safer hours
  • Minimizing frequency of hard stops


  • It’s free! – Drivewise is free for all Allstate customers and there are no signup or user fees.
  • No downside! – Drivewise will not increase your premium.
  • It’s easy – simply download the app onto your smartphone and follow the instructions. You’ll be set in a matter of minutes.
  • It’s confidential – the data collected is confidential. It will not be used for any purposes outside of the Drivewise program without your consent, except as may be required by law, and subject to the terms and conditions of your Drivewise Customer Agreement Endorsement.
  • A great way to asses your driving habits and improve your actions behind the wheel.

Allstate Drivewise Login Steps

Loging in to an online account isn’t mostly easy. As the platform mostly tries to make it secure. While it’s easy to log in to your Allstate Drivewise account. It’s just that you’ll have to enter correct login details, which you must have after enrolling in Online services. Below are the steps that, if followed carefully, will take you to your account easily within minutes.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Go to Drivewise Login page via official link below.

Step 2. Login using your username and password. Login screen appears upon successful login.

Step 3. If you still can’t access Drivewise Login then Call the Drivewise customer support team at 877-431-7670 or email [email protected].

How Do I Review My Driving Performance?

To review your driving performance is simple. Sign up or log in to My Account and view your driving progress and personalized feedback on your Drivewise dashboard. You can also use the Allstate mobile app to view your performance.

How To Cheat Allstate Drivewise App

Once the drive has been completed, the location service turns off, which will minimize battery consumption. Exactly how would they notice? You can even use the app to create escape routes within your home in case of an emergency, like a fire. Continue reading from here.

How To Contact Drivewise Customer Support Team

For further assistance, call the Drivewise customer support team at 877-431-7670 or email [email protected].


  1. Tulah Vatalaro says:

    Whomever designed and programmed Drivewise should be kicked in the butt. I cannot log in to sign in and there is NoOne who knows beans about Drivewise.

  2. D. Seaburg says:

    This is the most unfriendly drive wise site ever… I always linked in to the drive wise log-in and had no problem. Now you can’t follow instructions and they’re so complicated it’s frustrating!…
    Go back to the way it was!!!!! Don’t email me….just fix it!!!!

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