Ascensus 401k Login: How To Access Your Retirement Account

Ascensus, LLC. is an American financial services company. It offers savings plans of various kinds. It was founded in 1980; the head office is in Dresher, Pennsylvania. Ascensus 401k Login portal allows you to check your account balance, view or change your investments, and get a personalized plan for your retirement account online.

Investing for a long-term goal—such as retirement—takes planning, patience, and discipline. While recent market activity may be causing you to question your planning, it’s important to remain patient and disciplined.

When it comes to protecting your money that’s being saved in your retirement, one of the important action you can take is register and log in to your retirement account regularly. Setting up and properly managing your online account will help prevent fraudsters from registering in your place.

How To Setup Your Online Account

To register for your online Retirement Plan Account, they use your last name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, Zip Code and your date of birth to find you in their systems and determine the best service center and phone number to help answer any questions about your account.

To register for your online Retirement Plan Account, go to Ascensus 401k Login page and click “Set Up Your Online Account.” Follow the instructions and you’ll be registered in a few simple steps. For future visits, you’ll only need your username and password to access your account.

Once you’ve registered at least one of your accounts, the website will find all of the retirement accounts you
have with Ascensus, based on your last name, date of birth, and Social Security number matching exactly.
If a match is found, once logged in, there will be a drop down at the top of the screen listing all of the accounts
you have with them.

Ascensus 401k Login Steps

If you have more than one Ascensus retirement account, you may be asked to register each of them to gain access to your online account. This helps to ensure that your account remains secure. That’s why they sometimes ask you to revalidate your information to get full access to your account. You’ll only have to register once for each profile you have.

Once you’ve registered all your accounts, if you have more than one Ascensus account, you’ll be able to
use any of their usernames/passwords to gain access to your accounts.

Follow the steps below to access your Ascensus Retirement Account;

Ascensus 401k Login Steps

The system logs you out after fifteen minutes of inactivity. This is to ensure that no one else can see your account information, should you leave your computer while you are logged in. If this happens, you will need to log in again.

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Ascensus 401k Contact Details

1: Service


Employee in a Retirement Plan
Employee Site

Beneficiary of an IRA

College Savers
[email protected]
College Savings Plans

Employee in a SEP or SIMPLE  IRA plan

Employer/Business Owner

Retirement Plan Administration
Employer Site

Total Benefit Communications
Total Benefits Communication

SEP or SIMPLE IRA Plan Administration

Financial Professional/Advisor

Financial Professional/Advisor
Financial Professional Site

Banks, Credit Unions, and Other Financial Institutions
800-346-3860 or 218-825-5000
Consulting and Compliance

2: Media

Media Inquiry
Ascensus News
[email protected]

3: Sales

Retirement Plans and Services Sales

Documents Only 877-858-9659
Sales representatives and contacts

FuturePlan by Ascensus
[email protected]
Sales representatives and contacts

Regional Financial Institution
Sales representatives and contacts

SEP or SIMPLE IRA Plan Sales

Trust Sales

Ascensus Trust
[email protected]
Trust and Custody Services

Provident Trust Group
[email protected]

Health & Benefits Sales

Chard Snyder
Sales inquiries or RFP: Request a Proposal

[email protected]

HR Simplified
[email protected]

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