How To Find The Best Auto Insurance Near Me

The best advice we can give drivers looking for their best Auto Insurance Near Me is to shop around. No single insurer will be the cheapest for every driver, but our research will give you a good foundation to start your search. Read on to find out the cheapest Auto Insurance Near Me, in your state and for certain types of drivers.

You might be surprised at the Mind-blowing savings people receive when shopping online for a local independent car insurance broker.

But, before we get started you might have some questions about what insurance brokers do, exactly?

Let’s get some knowledge and learn what independent insurance agents do to help you save money and find affordable insurance with a local car insurance agency.

What Are Independent Insurance Agents?

Independent insurance agents or brokers are basically agents that are not exclusive to any one insurance company.  As Independent car insurance agents, they are not required to sell any one company.  This gives brokers or independent agents the flexibility to offer many of the best insurance companies at the most affordable rates. More choice gives you the opportunity for more savings, it’s really that simple. Insurance agents that are independent and not employees of any insurance company.  

You will find independent insurance agents represent many of the same insurance companies offered by local insurance agents.  

The biggest benefit is the time savings individuals and business will find.  

Because the selection of insurance companies for personal, commercial and life insurance is so comprehensive you don’t have to contact several agents for quotes.  

An independent insurance agent may represent 5 to 10 insurance companies. 

You can see how independent insurance agents can be a real time saver when shopping for affordable insurance.

What’s The Difference Between An Insurance Agent And An Insurance Broker?

It seems that the “term” Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers are used in many of the same conversation when discussing insurance.  

There are some differences you should understand between insurance agents and brokers.  

Captive Vs Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance Brokers are independent agents that do not work for anyone insurance company.  Insurance Brokers are free to work with many insurance companies.

Insurance Agents, such as Allstate, Farmers, AAA, State Farm represent only one company. 

Independent insurance brokers contract with insurance companies directly to sell each company’s insurance products.  Once approved by each insurance company they have the ability to sell in multiple states and help customers around the country, not just locally.    

Insurance Agents are bonded to one company and will recommend that carrier insurance products only.  Insurance agents will typically only sell in their local territory and have no flexibility to offer other insurance company products or services.

Example: Insurance Brokers Group contracts with multiple carriers like, Safeco, The Hartford, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual and more.

Having the flexibility to shop multiple insurance companies. A  Local Independent Insurance Broker gives customers more options and a chance at lower insurance cost.  

#1 reason customers LIKE using an Insurance Broker – Saving money and getting quality insurance.

In many cases bundling auto and home insurance together is a smart way to save money.

But, NOT always…

Some insurance companies may be very competitive with auto insurance but not with home insurance.  

Having flexibility allows independent insurance brokers the ability to mix and match different companies for the best insurance rates.

Local Auto Insurance Near Me

Some independent insurance agents sell in multiple states like Insurance Brokers Group.  Or, you can look for a local insurance broker near you for rate comparisons.

Depending on what state(s) an insurance broker is licensed, and what insurance companies they represent.   You can simply call or go online to shop, compare and buy insurance. 

Where in years past, there was an insurance agent on every corner.  Today, people don’t have the time or energy for a sit-down meeting and review with several agents.  

Ask a friend or family member for a referral to a local independent insurance agent in your area for quotes.

But, be careful…

Sometimes you reach these online insurance marketing websites and receive a crushing amount of calls and emails from agents buying insurance leads.  

You could receive calls from 5 – 10 agents non-stop, even after you make a purchase to quote your insurance.

Sadly, some websites are deceptive in their marketing and give shoppers the impression they’ll be contacted by just one company.  

How can you avoid this problem?

If you notice several company names mentioned like Allstate, Farmer, State Farm, Esurance, etc. that will tell you they are selling “leads” to a captive and independent agents alike.  

That’s a sure way to spot a marketing company reselling your information to multiple insurance agents.

We identified the auto insurance companies with the cheapest rates, but depending on a variety of factors — location, driving history, financial profile and more — some insurers may be cheaper for certain types of drivers than others.

Buying Car Insurance Online Vs Agent | Let’s See Which Is Better

Is Using A Car Insurance Broker Worth It?

The short answer is yes.  Why spend hours and hours searching for better auto and home insurance when an insurance broker can do the same task in minutes.  

Because insurance brokers are independent that can shop multiple companies without bias towards any one insurance carrier.

Plus, you get the advantage of them negotiating for better rates at your renewal without having to contact other companies every year.

Questions You Should Ask A Car Insurance Agent Near You

Call and speak with the insurance agent directly and ask if you are going to be receiving calls from multiple insurance agents or just the person you called.  

1. Ask what companies they represent in your state.

2. How long have they been in business?

3. Will they automatically shop for lower rates at renewal?

How Do I Find Insurance Brokers Near Me?

Insurance brokers are in any city you would find insurance agents.  

The easiest way to locate local insurance broker is online by simply searching independent insurance agents near me or insurance brokers near me.  

Most local brokers are licensed in multiple states so if you have property or vehicles others states you can most likely use the same broker.

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