Avant Loan Login: How To Manage Your Borrower Account Online

Avant allows borrowers to use personal loan funds for any purpose. In this post, you are going to learn everything you need to know about Avant Personal Loans and also I will walk you through the steps to make your Avant Personal Loan Payment on the Avant Loan login portal.

Previously, we talked about “Avant Credit Card Login: How To Make an Avant Credit Card Payment” we explained everything about activating and making Avant Credit Card Payment with different payment options. So right now lest take a quick look at Avant Loan Login steps and how to make your Avant Personal Loan Payment.

What You Need To Know About Avant Personal Loan

Avant is an online lending platform that offers personal loans to borrowers with fair and bad credit (689 or lower FICO score); the company says most of its customers have a credit score from 600 to 700. It charges origination and late fees, but its loans have annual percentage rates consistent with other bad-credit loans.

Avant offers secured and unsecured loans, along with a credit card. Borrowers with fair to excellent credit can access loans ranging from $2,000 to $35,000, depending on whether you choose a secured or unsecured loan.

Avant is best for borrowers who:

  • Have a credit score from 600 to 700 FICO.
  • Want to apply for and manage a loan online.
  • Need funds within a business day or two.
  • Want to repay the loan over two to five years.

Once you submit your loan application and provide documentation, Avant reviews the information. Borrowers may receive loan funds the next business day after approval, depending on the bank.

Avant Loan Login Steps

To steps to access your Avant loan online account is the same as accessing your Avant credit card online account because you will be required to log in through the Avant online banking portal. However, if you already have your Avant loan login credentials, follow the steps below to access your Avant personal loan account.

Avant Loan Login
  • Visit your customer dashboard at https://www.avant.com/login
  • Sign on to your dashboard by providing your email on file and the associated password.

What if I forgot my password? To reset your password, follow these steps: Select “Don’t remember your password?” under the login section on the upper right-hand side of their website and enter your email address. They will send you an email to reset your password.

How To Make Your Avant Personal Loan Payment

To help make repaying your loan as simple as possible, you can choose to enroll in automatic payments via Automated Clearing House (ACH). In addition, you can arrange to pay by other accepted methods: paper check, cashiers check, money order, credit card, or debit card.

If you are enrolled in this auto-pay option, all you need to do to ensure your payment is applied to your account each month is make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the installment amount on your installment date.

If you are not currently opted-in to automatic payments, and would like to enroll, please email Avant [email protected] from the email address on file, and request to be opted-in.

Avant Personal Payment Methods

1: Automated Clearing House (ACH): Avant electronically debit your bank account for the amount you owe on your due dates from the bank account information you provide.

2: Paper Checks, Cashiers Checks, and Money Orders: If you would like to make a payment via paper check, cashiers check, or money order, you can mail your payment to:

Avant, LLC
PO Box 9183380
Chicago, IL, 60691-3380

Note: include your customer ID # and loan ID # in the memo section of your check

Please note that your payment will be effective the day it was received by their account team and may take up to 3 business days from the date the payment was received to reflect as “completed” on your account.

Please note that post-dated checks are not an acceptable payment method and may not be effective the day they are received. If you would like to have a payment applied on a specific future date, please log in to your account at following the above steps and go to the “add/change payment” tab or contact their customer support staff at 1-800-712-5407 to set up an alternate method of payment.

If you would like to send a check overnight to our P.O. Box, please be advised that overnight payments sent by UPS or FedEx are not accepted unless additional measures are taken to ensure delivery. They recommend sending overnight payments via U.S. Mail.

3: Credit Cards: They accept certain major credit card brands, including MasterCard and Discover. However, the Avant Credit Card cannot be used to repay your loan. As of September 15, 2018, Avant no longer accepts Visa credit card payments.

Generally, you may only make a credit card payment each month in an amount up to your regular monthly installment amount.

To make a credit card payment, call their friendly Customer Support team at 1-800-712-5407.

4: Debit Cards: They accept many of the major debit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Generally, you may only make a debit card payment each month in an amount up to your regular monthly installment amount. To make a debit card payment, call their friendly Customer Support team at 1-800-712-5407.

5: Remotely Created Check (RCC): Remotely created checks are paper checks that you authorize Avant to print on your behalf utilizing the bank account information you provide.

Avant Personal Loans Customer Support

Dashboard: avant.com/login
Email: [email protected]
Call: 800-712-5407

Customer Service Hours
Monday – Friday:
7:00am – 10:00pm Central
Saturday – Sunday: 
7:00am – 8:00pm Central

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