Better Mortgage Login: How To Make Your First Payment

Better Mortgage Corporation operates as a online mortgage lender. The Company offers mortgage and refinance services. Better Mortgage serves customers in the State of New York. To access your account details, please follow this Better Mortgage Login steps.

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The Next Steps In Your Loan Process

After your loan closes, you’ll receive an email from Better with your new loan number, along with instructions for how to set up your account. If you haven’t received an email, or have a problem finding your loan number, please reach out to the Servicing Support Team and they’ll help get things sorted.

Better Mortgage Login Steps

The Better Mortgage website is easy to use. It makes easy for account holders to manage their Mortgage account online. The Better Mortgage website is mobile friendly. So, the customers also can access the website with their mobile devices. You will need your online login details in order to access your Better Mortgage online account.

If you don’t have a Better Mortgage online account yet, you can apply to create one:

Then if you already have a Better Mortgage online account and want to sign in to your Better Mortgage online account kindly go to

better mortgage login

On The Sign in page, you have to enter your username and password to continue. Alternatively, you can as well sign in with your Google account.

If you cannot remember your password please use the Forgot password? tool to reset it. They will ask for your email address to rest your password for you.

Learn How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: Tips And Hacks

How To Make Your First Payment

After your loan closes, you will receive instructions by email from Better Mortgage and in writing on where to direct your first payment.

In some cases, your first payment will be made directly to them. In others, your loan may be transferred to their subservicing partner quickly enough that your first payment will go through them.

Official notification of your payment instructions will come via US mail and should arrive no fewer than 10 calendar days before your payment is due.

Looking for your payment portal?


Customer Portal

Customer Care Phone:

Customer Care Email:
[email protected]


Customer Portal


For more information about your Better Mortgage account or how pay make your loan payment, Contact Us them with the information below or see their FAQ page for better understanding.

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