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Business Collaborations

Insurance Diaries offers highly targeted content for website publishers. The site currently offers sponsored blog posts and link building services. Use the contact link for questions about posts, sponsorships or CPM campaigns.

Sponsored Blog Posts

  1. Content topic must fit existing categories (nav bar) and tags (right column).
  2. Nofollow links with images.
  3. Follow links with images.
  4. Price is 5 cents per word between 400 and 1,000 words for text you provide.
  5. Flat rates are negotiable.
  6. Payment in advance via Payoneer after pre-approval of post content.
  7. Source at the bottom of the post: “This blog post was sponsored by (your brand here).”
  8. Displays on site in chronological order starting in the second position on the homepage.

Text Links

The price of our link building services is $100. Insurance Diaries reserves the right to no-index a client’s sponsored post after six months if it begins to compete with the website’s non-sponsored content in organic search.

For collaborations, sponsor post, product review, banner advertisement or any other business-related inquiry please email us: [email protected]