Buying Car Insurance Online vs Agent: Which is Cheaper?

Nowadays people keep asking if buying car insurance online vs agent is the same but the answer is NO. People are using so many platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Paytm, Ola, Amazon etc. and maximum transactions are done by Online. People also preferred Online booking for Movie, Travel, Hotel, or shopping , and buying Insurance also.

In Online Insurance we are not depend on local agents Or any mediator , We can done all process by Own. But some people are confused and many questions on their mind like is online transaction safe or not ? Hacking chances of premium amount ? If policy done its ok But how to assist in period of claim settlement ? Who to guide or assist us ? etc. Online insurance is totally safe and secure because of already we have strong application system , and they transfer your premium amount direct to the Insurance company.

There is no any mediator or different accounts to hold your money for the same. Second thing is that online insurance also have dedicated server and secured platform and this is the best feature of Policy Planner. Policy comparison with maximum insurance companies is profitable part for the customer. Not only premium, but also History of Insurance company , Rating ,Cashless Hospital List, Services, Claim settlement ratio etc. If customer buy Online Insurance the good things are Easy documentation by e-mail or WhatsApp, Details are filled by customer and they very use full in claim settlement . Policy can done by Mobile , Tab , Laptop , and Desktop etc.

Buying Car Insurance Online vs Agent – Lets Compare

Online research vs the agent’s word

The major advantage of the digital age is that you can get information for almost anything online. While buying insurance you need to consider several factors such as the insurance companies’ reputation, the quality of customer service, their claim-settlement ratio etc. There are several direct and indirect online forums on which you can find this information, based on which you can make an informed decision. On the other hand, if you are buying a policy through your agent, you are typically opting for something he recommends, with no additional information. Sure, you can convey your requirements, but you can never be too sure, if you got the right deal.

Direct transaction vs commission

Another point of comparison in buying car insurance online vs agent is the way in which the transaction is completed. When you purchase insurance online, you just pay the specified premium amount, with no hidden costs. You can easily add or remove additional riders. In many cases, insurance companies are tied up with banks and digital wallets, which can help you to earn discounts on specific credit/debit cards and cashbacks for online payments.

You also get discount for renewing policies before the actual policy renewal date, thus making your premiums much cheaper. An agent cannot make any offer that facilitates savings. In fact, you end up paying your agent a commission or an intermediary fee for the services rendered.

Self-filing vs filing claim through agent

In the case of buying car insurance online vs agent, this point probably tilts in the favour of the agent. You can assemble all your documents and hand them over to the agent, who can complete the claim-filing procedure on your behalf. That said, people who don’t have an agent can reach out to the insurance provider’s customer service help-line and find out how to file a claim. The only difference is that you won’t have a dedicated middleman to help you through the claim-filing process.

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Accessibility to the insurance company

Another advantage of buying car insurance online vs agent is that you have great accessibility to your insurance provider directly. Without the presence of a middle man, the information is relayed directly to you, with no scope of miscommunication. If you are in an accident and are trying to reach an agent, you may or may not be successful in doing so, and the latter scenario can increase your stress when you are already under duress.

Reduced chances of fraudulence

When you purchase insurance online, through the company’s website, you can read all the terms and conditions and then purchase the policy. On the other hand, your insurance provider may try to influence his decision, only because he is rewarded by XYZ insurance company for selling an X number of policies and completing his/her monthly target.

As you can see, there are more benefits of buying car insurance online vs agent. A little online research can go a long way. It can help you make informed decisions while making investments and also facilitate a lot of savings.


Purchasing insurance online can be a good option but it is not for everyone. Take time to weigh the pros and cons to see if an online insurance policy is a good fit for you. Get as many quotes as possible when shopping for insurance to make a well-informed decision. Insurance is serious business and it is important to understand exactly what is being purchased.

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