Capital One Credit card payment: How To Pay Online, Phone, Mail

There are several options for remitting your Capital One credit card payment each month. You can pay online, via your phone, using a mobile app, through the mail and more. You can even set up automatic payments. Choose the option that works best for you. Note: Before you access the Capital One Credit card payment page, you need to login first. see this guild – Capital One Credit Card Login: How To Login, Pay Bills Online

Capital One Credit card payment: How To Pay Online

Account holders can conveniently pay their bill electronically by enrolling in Capital One’s online banking feature. To set up your account online, you will need to have the following information handy:

  • Capital One credit card number
  • Social security number
  • Email address
  • Three-digit security code on the back of the card

Add Bank Account

Once your profile is set up, you will be able to add the checking account and routing number that should be used to withdraw funds for payment processing.

Payment Processing

To avoid being penalized with a late fee, it is important to be aware of the payment processing schedule.

Date of SubmissionTimePosting Date
Monday-Saturdaybefore 8 p.m. ESTsame business day
Monday-Saturdayafter 5 p.m. ESTnext business day
Sundayanytimenext business day
Holidayanytimenext business day


Cardholders also have the option to pay their Capital One bill using the AutoPay feature. This option can be activated in the Online Banking module, and will process the monthly payment on the date you select by automatically withdrawing funds from the bank account you authorize.

It is important to note that the deletion of account information simultaneously cancels all scheduled payments.

Capital One Credit card payment: How To Pay by Phone

Payments can be made by calling 1-800-955-7070. There is no charge to use this service.

Capital One Credit card payment: How To Pay by Mail

If you do not mind paying for postage to make a payment, mailing a check or money order with the payment coupon (attached to the statement) is an option. Individuals who do not receive or have misplaced a copy of their statements can use the Credit Card Payment Wizard to obtain the payment remittance address. To use this function, you will need to enter the first six-digits of your credit card number.

When submitting payments by mail, allow at least seven days for processing.

Mobile Solutions

Capital One also offers mobile payment options to customers, allowing them to make payments from their smartphones.

Mobile Phone App

You can download the Capital One iPhone or Android app to your smartphone to make payments on the go. The mobile phone application can be accessed at any time.

Mobile Web

Cardholders can also visit Capital One’s mobile site from their cellular device without downloading the app to make a payment.

Online Bill Pay

Many financial institutions offer online bill pay solutions to their customers. In most instances, you can select the payment date and amount, and the funds will automatically be transferred from your bank account to Capital One each month.

A monthly fee may be charged for online bill payment through another financial institution. Contact your financial institution to learn more about the options they offer

Credit One Bank Review

Credit One Bank is a United States bank that specializes in credit cards. The bank has business offices in Las, Vegas, and is held by Credit One Financial. As on 2016, the bank had over 6 million credit card holders in the U.S.

Credit One was founded in 1984 and started operation as a full-service bank known as First National Bank of Marin in San Rafael, California. The bank continued to provide a wide range of products until the year 1995 when it started focusing on secure credit cards.

In this post, we will be reviewing Credit One Bank. When you check credit one bank review, you will realize for every one positive review, there are more than 160 bad reviews.

However, when you look closer, you will realize that some of the bad reviews and complaint were not really the fault of the bank. Although Credit One Bank has many issues to complain about, at the end of the day you will realize that its Platinum Credit Card comes with many benefits to people who are looking to build or re-establish credit.

In this post, we will be looking at the pros and cons of credit one bank.

Why use Credit One Bank’s Visa Card?

Many people sign up for the banks Visa Card to build their credit history or to rebuild a mishandled or bad credit history.

Payment history is usually reported to the major credit card bureaus. Making payments on time will show good standing that will help you to improve your credit.


We will be taking a closer look at all the benefits that you stand to get when you choose Credit One Bank. The bank has embraced technology and now customers can access their services even when they are on the go. Other benefits include:

  • High approval rate-Regardless of fair or poor credit history, you are likely to get approved. This is very important considering the fact that many banks will reject your application
  • Credit line increases-The bank offers free online month tracking of your credit score
  • Build good credit-Customers take advantage of updated to major credit bureaus every month
  • No over-the-limit fee-Customers are not charged any fees even when they go over their credit.
  • Pre-approval process-The bank allows its customers to be pre-approved without affecting their credit score
  • Auto travel/rental insurance coverage-When renting a car, you don’t need to get auto insurance since the card covers auto rental collision. It also offers travel accident insurance
  • User-friendly website-The bank’s website has a user-friendly website, which makes it easy to access it and bank form anywhere
  • Online and mobile banking-This is a pretty convenient way of managing your finances. You can pull up your mini statement or even transaction history when you are on the go.


Credit One Bank has its own downsides that you must consider before choosing it. This will help you to make an informed decision whether you will choose the bank or not:

  • Predatory lender-Customers have complained to harassing call, especially when they are late with payment
  • Poor customer support-Outsourced customer support center, calls are disconnected without warning, rude staff and multiple call transfers
  • Suspended account-Customers have also complained that their accounts get suspended without notification or warning
  • $75 annual fee for the first year-There have been many complaints about the $75 fee. Although this fee has been stated on the bank’s website, many people forget it or don’t read the fine print and were very much surprised after receiving the first statement
  • Unavailable payment-Customers have also complained that when they make payments, it is not available immediately
  • Payment fee-When you pay a monthly fee with another credit card, you will have to pay a fee of $9.95
  • High interest rate-The bank’s high APR was one of the main points of discontent with many users.


Ultimately, as the future or current Credit One Platinum card holder, you need to decide whether the benefits if maintaining or opening a Credit One credit card outweigh the many issues that current and past customers are experiencing.

Depending on one’s need to rebuild or establish credit, you may find that the bank’s Platinum Credit Card meets your needs.

If you have good credit standing and or you have other options, you may decide that the downsides outweigh the benefits

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