Carvana Login: How To Access Your Account

Buy, sell or trade your car 100% online. With the official Carvana login, you can shop where you want, when you want, wearing whatever you want. With Your Carvana login, you can search over 45,000 Carvana used cars for sale, get instant financing terms and find a car that fits your budget, buy online, and then track your delivery, all in one place. Plus, you might be eligible for free delivery in their growing list of local markets around the country.

Carvana also offer safe Touchless Delivery, and Touchless Pickup for customers who choose their Vending Machine experience. Have questions? No problem. Our friendly and knowledgeable administrators are here to support you every step of the way so you can shop with confidence.

Carvana eServices / Online Services

With the Carvana app or with your Carvana Login, you can:

1:Buy a Car: Search over 45,000 vehicles, Check out the vehicle interior and exterior with the 360 degree spinner, See financing terms as you search, Get a free CarFax report for every vehicle, Track your delivery all the way to your door.

2: Sell and Trade Cars: Get an instant and custom appraisal offer on your car, Tell Carvana how you want to get paid, Schedule an appointment to sell your car, Get a trade-in offer in less than 3 minutes, with no photos or inspection required, Apply your trade-in toward the purchase of your next car for a lower monthly payment.

3: Get Financing: Get instant, competitive, and personalized financing terms without impacting your credit in 2 minutes, Find a car that fits your budget, Make auto loan payments—manual and auto pay options are available too, View your auto loan details.

4: Stay Connected: Save your favorite vehicles, Get new inventory and price drop alerts, Learn about any recalls on your car

Buy online. Get it delivered. Love it or return it within 7 days. You can download the Carvana app now and discover all the ways they’ll Drive You Happy.

Carvana Login Steps

Accessing your account Online begins with creating an account on the portal. The online Carvana website and the company’s mobile solutions require your personal information as it appears on your passport to set up an account.

Carvana Login: How To Access Your Account Online

To access your accent go to and enter your email and password, However, if you are a new user who doesn’t have a Carvana account, click on the “create one” link below the Carvana Login page and enter the required information to create your password.

Note: Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain a letter and either a number OR a special character.

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How To Make Your Carvana Financing Payment

there are several other ways you can pay the monthly payment so you can choose the method that works best for you.

During the Purchase Process: When placing your order, you’ll need to input bank account information for either your checking or savings account. Carvana recommend selecting the option to link your bank account with Plaid for extra convenience and to reduce the time it takes for their team to approve your purchase.

If you’d prefer, you can manually enter your account and routing numbers instead (this may extend the time it takes to approve your purchase). Both options will set you up for an ACH withdrawal, meaning they’ll electronically process the funds from your account.

After You’ve Kept Your Vehicle: If you would like to use a different method of payment, you can select another option after your 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can adjust your payment option by signing into your Carvana account, navigating to My Cars, selecting your vehicle, and then clicking on “Loan Details”. From there, you can manage your loan, set up autopay, and make extra payments. You can also manage your loan via the Carvana App on the My Cars tab

Auto Pay: At the end of your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, you’ll need to go to to set up your account. From your Bridgecrest account, you’ll be able to set up auto payments, make one time payments, and view your payment history.

If you are eligible, enrolling in Auto Pay can reduce your monthly payment as well as your interest rate (APR). Setting up Auto Pay lowers the overall cost of servicing your Carvana loan and allows Carvana to pass savings on to you. They do require an ACH compatible account to move forward which allows them to electronically process funds from a checking or savings account.

You can always add Auto Pay using an ACH compatible account after receiving your car via the Carvana Mobile App or by contacting Bridgecrest at 1-800-967-8526. Keep in mind that your monthly payment will not change after receiving your car.


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