Cathay Bank Login | How To Access Your Cathay Bank Account

Cathay Bank is an American bank based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1962, it has since expanded its network throughout California and into Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada, Maryland, and Hong Kong. To enjoy this service you must enroll in online banking. If you have an account in the bank, please follow the guide below to enroll, access your Cathay Bank Login and reset your password.

Benefits Of Online banking with Cathay bank

Online banking is convenient for the Cathay bank. The fast procedures with fewer documentations and complete guidance of the service providers are always available. With the help of online banking with Cathay bank, one can get the following services.

  • You can get access to the personal basic or simple checking account.
  • Also, one can get the business checking account for ease.
  • For a student, special students checking accounts are present.
  • A smart money market is available.
  • Saving account for students is available.
  • For those who are in seek of help with retirement plans, the Individual Retirement account(IRA) is available.
  • For assistance in various matters, loans are present.
  • To help the new home buyers or the ones who are making a home for the first time, different loans for the homes are available.
  • To help you deal with your sudden hard to fill expenses, you can apply for equity loans that are available on low-interest rates.
  • With the help of digital banking, you can get access to mobile banking and online banking.
  • Alerts for your account activities are available.

Cathay Bank Login Process

To enjoy online banking, you have to get an online account. Making an online account is also easy, like using it. For making an account, you have to take care of the given steps.

  1. Go to the main site of Cathay bank.
  2. If you are an old member, enter the Cathay bank login details to sign in your account
  3. Here you will get the options of choosing between the personal or business account.
  4. For a new user, you have to open an account first.
  5. Now you will get three options, and you have to choose the one that suits you.
  6. After this, you will be directed to a 5 step account making process.

After completing all the steps, you will be able to use your online account.

Cathay Bank Customer Service

Cathay Bank does not verify any personal or business checks. Verify check order by calling or visiting a Cathay Bank branch or calling the Customer Care Center at 800-922-8429.

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