Citicards Online Bill Pay: How To Login, Make Payment Online

Citi Card issues several different credit cards, including student, gas and reward cards. Customers for any of these credit cards will all make their monthly recurring payments directly to Citi. Citi offers three ways to pay your monthly credit card bill: Citicards Online Bill Pay, wire transfers and telephone payments.

Citi Credit Card Online Registering

Once you get your Citi Card now you have to register your credit card account online. There are a lot of benefits to registering an account online. You can manage your Citi card online quickly and easily. Here are the steps for registering for Citi Credit Card online is given here:

CitiCards Login Guide

If you have a Citi Credit Card account already then you can log in to your account quickly. You need only your Citi card account username and password to log in. Here are the steps for Citi Credit Card Login.

Citicards Online Bill Pay

Pay Online: You can make a one-time credit card payment or schedule a future payment online. You can also enroll in AutoPay to have automatic payments made on your account each month.

You can always make an additional credit card payment while enrolled in AutoPay. If you do make any additional payments before your AutoPay payment date, your AutoPay payment may be reduced or canceled to avoid paying more than your Last Statement Balance or Adjusted New Balance.

Pay by mail: The mailing address is located on the most recent credit card statement, which can be accessed from the Statements page. The address is located on the payment coupon on the bottom right of the first page of the credit card statement. As a reminder, you can also make an online payment or set up AutoPay for future payments.

Pay By Phone: You can pay your Citi credit card bill over the phone. Just have your payment information ready and Contact them by phone. If you’re outside the U.S., call collect at 605-335-2222.

How to Pay by Wire Transfer or Western Union

  • Visit your local bank and request a wire transfer.
  • Provide the banker with the amount you are requesting to transfer, and your Citi card’s 16-digit account number.
  • Visit a local Western Union and request the Quick Collect/Quick Pay service for Citi cards.
  • Provide the Western Union representative with your 16-digit account number and a cash payment to cover your transfer.

If you have a Western Union online account, you might want to know how to access your Western Union account online.

Tip: Always be sure to save your confirmation number when you make a monthly payment on your Citicard. You will need this number if there is a problem with your payment.

If you’re having trouble logging into Citi Online, please be aware you’re still responsible for making a payment by your Payment Due Date. Contact them by phone to make a payment or mail a check payment several days before it’s due.

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