Colonial Life Login: How To Manage Your Policy Online

The best way to get policy details is to log in to your account on the Colonial Life Login portal. There, you’ll find claim status updates and detailed policy information. File your claim online to receive benefits faster. In this post, you will learn every necessary things you need to know about managing your Colonial Life insurance policy online.

What Is Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company?

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is an American insurance company based in Columbia, South Carolina. Colonial Life offers disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement insurance plans in 49 states. Colonial Life was founded in 1939 by Edwin Averyt and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Unum in 1993.

Colonial Life & Accident Ins Insurance Products

Employers can provide insurance plans and benefits to employees through Colonial Life Insurance Company including these insurance products:

1: Accident Insurance: Provides coverage in addition to primary health insurance plan for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from an accident such as emergency room fees, initial care, surgery, transportation and lodging, ambulance charges, doctor bills and follow-up care.

2: Cancer Insurance: Supplemental insurance for expenses not covered by primary health insurance plan including out-of-network treatments, experimental treatments, loss of income, child care, lodging, meals and home health care.

3: Critical Illness Insurance: Supplemental income insurance to help protect your income in the event you suffer a critical illness such as a heart attack or stroke and are unable to work.

4: Dental Insurance: Covers dental procedures not covered by a regular health insurance plan including cleaning, filling, sealants, tooth removal, crown and dentures in additional to regular dental check-ups.

5: Disability Insurance: Paycheck support to help with expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries and mortgage payments when suffering a covered disability.

6: Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance: This plan provides additional assistance with hospital costs not covered by a primary health insurance plan including co-payments and deductibles provided in a lump-sum payment.

7: Life Insurance: Adjustable life insurance options for employee, spouse and children. Plans available for termuniversal and whole life insurance plans.

How To Register For Colonial Life Online Access

Register for a new account Registering provides a fast, simple, and intuitive way to manage your Colonial Life benefits online. Once registered and logged in you’ll be able to: File and check the status of claims (Policyholders) View benefit details and supporting policy documents (Policyholders) View and pay your invoice (Plan Administrators) Update employee coverage and relevant information (Plan Administrators)

Click on register in the upper right corner of the page. For policyholders, click on Join the Policyholder Website and follow the instructions to set up the account. For plan administrators, click on Request Access to the Account Administrator section of our website and follow the instructions.

Colonial Life Login Steps

Below are the steps that, if followed carefully, will take you to your Colonial Life account easily within minutes.

Colonial Life Login Steps

After making sure that your internet is working, open your browser. Visit the below link to the official portal of Colonial Life Insurance. On the login page, Enter your username and password and click Login.

How To File A Claim

To file your claim, go to and enter your login information. Once logged in, click on Claims Center. From there, simply click the File an online claim button to file many types of claims such as: Wellness, Doctor’s Office Visits, Accident, Pregnancy, Sickness, and Vision claims.

You may also download claim forms and find answers to many of your claims related questions.

How To Make a Payment

To make a premium payment, go to and enter your login information. Once logged in, click on Pay my Bill, then Make a Payment. You will be brought to their secure payment form where you can enter your payment information and even set up recurring payments.

How To View the Status of Your Claim

To view your claim, go to enter your login information. Once logged in, recent claims will be available on the home page, or you can access it via the Claims Center.

How To View the Status Of Your Policies

To view your policy, go to and enter your login information. Once logged in, click on the name of the policy that you wish to view.

Note: If you have not viewed your policy recently, your policy document may be archived. If you receive a notice indicating your policy is archived, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Colonial Life Contact Information

To learn more about the products offered by Colonial Life or about your account, you can visit the Colonial Life Insurance Company website or call 1-800-325-4368, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Spanish-speaking representatives are also available. You can also visit a local agent by finding Colonial Life Insurance agents near you.

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