Delta Dental Provider Login: How To Access Your Account

Your Delta Dental online account offers all the information you need to make the most of your Delta Dental plan. Here’s what you need to know about how to create and use your Delta Dental Provider Login.

Everything You Need To Know About Delta Dental

The Delta Dental Plans Association is composed of 39 independent Delta Dental member companies operating in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. These member companies provide coverage to 68 million people, enrolled in over 120,000 groups. While many of the Delta Dental member companies and Delta Dental Plans Association are non-profit organizations, a few of the member companies have for-profit segments.

Here are the benefits of Accessing Your Delta Dental Provider Account online

  1. View plan information
  2. Download forms
  3. View claims
  4. Track dental activity

Delta Dental Provider Login Steps

Before you access your Your Delta Dental Provider Account online, you’ll need to register to create your Delta Dental account so that you can log in to view your plan details, locate an in-network dentist, check on your claims and more. 

If you dont have online account you can Create your online account in three easy steps:

  1. Identify your user type, selecting “Enrollee/Adult Dependent” from the drop-down list on their website.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Create your username and password and enter your email address. You will also be asked to choose a challenge question and answer in case you forget your password.

Delta Dental Provider Login Steps:

Delta Dental Provider Login Steps

You can Log in to your account from their website by selecting the login button or download the free Delta Dental app to access your account on the go.

To login, go to and enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your login details., use the Forgot username or password? tool to retrieve it.

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How to Get Your Dental Plan ID Card

Looking for your dental plan ID card? Good news: You don’t need one! All you have to do is tell your dental office the Delta Dental company you get your benefits from (such as Delta Dental of California) and provide your name, date of birth and member ID or Social Security number. Find your member ID by signing in to your online account.

Family members covered under your plan should provide your details when they visit the dentist.

If you’d prefer to have an ID card, you can:

  • Print one from your computer. Log into your Delta Dental account and follow the instructions to print your ID card. 
  • Download the Delta Dental app (by the Delta Dental Plans Association) from the App Store or Google Play. Log in to your account and see your ID card on the home screen.
  • Access your ID card when you visit their website from your mobile phone’s browser. 

How To Set up and use Autopay

If you purchased your plan directly from Delta Dental and pay your own premium, you can avoid missing a payment by enrolling in autopay. Set it up when you first enroll or any time afterward through your online account. When you log in to your account, select Set up autopay from the menu. Follow the instructions to select your autopay frequency and method of payment. Depending on your plan, you may have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Accepted payment methods include bank account, credit card or debit card. 

If you want to cancel or change your autopay, log in to your online account and select Manage autopay. From there, you can update your payment method or cancel your enrollment.

Note that if you have a group plan, you do not need to pay premiums directly to Delta Dental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have answers.

1: Will I get a plan ID card or do I need one? How do I use it? You may receive an ID card as part of your welcome package when you get a Delta Dental plan. Your dentist’s office staff can use your ID card to quickly look up your benefit and coverage information.

If your plan didn’t include an ID card or you don’t have yours with you, don’t worry! Your dentist can look you up with other identifying information, such as your name, address and date of birth. Depending on your plan and your state, your dentist may be able to use your Social Security number.

2: How do I pay for my plan? There are many ways to pay for your dental plan.

For plans you purchased as an individual: one of the most common is a monthly premium. Depending on your plan, it may also be possible to pay annually, semi-annually or quarterly. You can pay with a credit card, a check, an electronic fund transfer or with other options depending on your specific plan.

For employer-sponsored plans: Monthly premium payments are generally deducted from payroll.

3: Can I pay my plan premiums online? Yes. To pay your premiums online, just log in to your online account.

4: How do I set up autopay? You can set up autopay when you first enroll in your chosen plan, or at any time from your online account.

5: Where can I find my claim statements? Log in to your online account to see your claim statements.

6: How can I check my Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) enrollment status? If you have already enrolled in a Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) plan from Delta Dental, check your enrollment status here.


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