Employee Fiduciary 401k Login: How To Access Your 401k Account

Employee Fiduciary provides low-cost 401k plans to small and mid-sized companies nationwide. Employee Fiduciary is employee owned, operated and fully independent. If you have a 401k plan with them then I will walk you through the steps to access and manage your account on the Employee Fiduciary 401k Login Portal.

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Everything You Need To Know About Employee Fiduciary

Employee Fiduciary is a privately-owned business based out of Alabama. Employee Fiduciary is focused solely on providing retirement plans. The company has approximately 75,000 clients, covering 2,700 plans with a total asset value of $2.8 billion. Employee Fiduciary also offers more than 30,000 mutual funds, mainly targeted to small business clients and participants.

Employee Fiduciary caters to only small businesses with their 401(k) plan offerings, which allows the company to cater to their clients on a more personal basis. Employee Fiduciary is a small business, which gives them the perspective of what other small businesses need and want when it comes to offering 401(k) plans for their employees. Employee Fiduciary touts this aspect of their business, as they try to sympathize with the small business owners’ plight.

Nobody makes it easier to avoid 401(k) pitfalls than Employee Fiduciary. Here’s how they do it:

  • Low and transparent fees – Know you are paying as little as possible with their transparent fees. 
  • Cost-efficient investments – Choose index funds for market returns or try to earn more net-of-fees with a financial advisor.
  • Professional investment advice – Choose target date funds or a financial advisor for professional asset allocation.

How to Get Started With Employee Fiduciary

You can request a proposal on Employee Fiduciary’s website by filling out a simple form. The company’s cost and fee schedule are readily available on their website, as well, so you should have a solid idea of how much your plan would cost before you even contact them. Speaking directly to an Employee Fiduciary relationship manager, though, will allow you to see all the benefits of working with them. You can also call them directly at (877) 401-5100.

Employee Fiduciary 401k Login Steps

For accessing the Employee Fiduciary online features. you will have to log in. Your work will become much simpler and easier and won’t have to visit the branch for that. For login, you will need your username and your password which you created during Employee Fiduciary online registration.

Follow the steps below to log in to your Employee Fiduciary 401k Account

Employee Fiduciary 401k Login Steps

First, you will need to visit the Employee Fiduciary 401k login page  –https://www.retirementlogin.net/efc/.

There, you need to Log in with your username and password.

Employee Fiduciary Contact Information

For general inquiries regarding 401(k) plans or their plan services, use this form or call us toll-free at 877.401.5100.

Plan Participants: Please reach their Participant Services Team at (877) 401-5100 (option 3) or by emailing [email protected]. Support hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Central Monday – Friday. Plan Sponsors: Please contact your Relationship Manager.

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