Express Credit Card Login: How To Make Your Payment

Express Credit Card accounts are issued by Comenity Bank and the Express Credit Card Login portal allows you to access your express Credit Card online accounts 24/7 in real-time environment from anywhere through your browser in an internet-enabled device. The following guide is designed to help personal account holders to manage their Express Credit Card accounts online. You will also learn everything you need to know about Express – Men’s & Women’s Clothing and the Express Next Credit Card.

Express is one of America’s top shopping destinations for clothing at the cutting edge of style for men and women. With more than 600 locations nationwide, Express is a mainstay in most US malls. And through regular sales and coupon mailers, the company has worked to make fashion affordable since its first location opened in Chicago in 1980. In 2001, the company expanded to menswear with its Express Men storefronts.

The Express Store Credit Card has long been a top choice among those with a taste for affordable fashion, and the chances are that if you frequent the store, you have probably been asked at least once whether you would like to sign up for the credit card to use with your purchase.

The Express Next credit card rewards you with 15 points for every dollar you spend on your card, and if you earn 7,500 points within the program year, you are eligible to receive an Express Next A-List card that offers even more exclusive benefits. Although there are many retail cards you can choose from, these cards are ideal for someone who is a frequent shopper at Express and Express website, and cardholders can earn rewards points with every purchase, receive special rebates and gift cards, and maximize their savings with exclusive events or special deals.

Express Next Credit Card Benefits

  • 15% off first purchase
  • 15 points per dollar spent
  • 2,500 points are worth a $10 reward (A-List customers receive a $15 reward)
  • Exclusive birthday gift
  • No annual fee
  • Free standard shipping on for A-List customers when you pay with your card

How To Register Your Express Credit Card For Online Access

If you have not registered your Express Credit Card, You need to register it for online access before using it for online transactions. As the accountholder (the primary person who applied for the Express Credit Card), when you register for and sign in to your Express Credit Ca account, you have 24/7 online access to the following account management tools:

  • Make your Express Credit Ca payment online
  • Manage payment and account settings
  • Update your stored personal information
  • Choose paperless billing
  • Add an authorized buyer
  • Ask for an increased credit limit
  • Check current balance
  • See available credit amount
  • View current and past transactions
  • View current and past statements
  • View scheduled and past payments

Please note

  • You’ll need to be the main cardholder in order to register
  • For security, you have 5 minutes to complete the registration process
  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser – so they can get you to the right page and help you log in as quickly as possible.
  • It should only take a few moments. Once registered, you’ll have immediate access to your Express Credit Card account and be able to check your transactions, view your statements, pay your bill and manage your account online securely and easily.

To register your card please go to , and fill the registration form with:

  • Your credit Card Account Number
  • ZIP Code or Postal Code
  • Select Identification Type
  • Last Four Digits of SSN
  • After entering the correct details then click on “Find My Account” and..
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the registration.

If you can’t locate the number/ID or forgot it, Call Customer Care at 1-844-271-2778, TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918.

If you face any problem while registering, Here are a few things to try that might help:

  • Check the back of your card to see if you are visiting the correct Account Center for your Express Credit Card. You are currently visiting If the back of your card has a different Account Center web address, please register at that web address instead.
  • Make sure you have not recently requested a change to your Account. If you have, please wait 48 hours before trying again.
  • Enter the correct Account number. If you don’t know your Account number, you will find it on your billing statement or credit card.
  • Enter the Social Security number, Social Insurance number or alternate ID you used when you applied for your credit card.
  • Enter the correct ZIP/postal code that matches the address of your last bill. 

Express Credit Card Login Steps

Now that you have registered your Express Credit Card for online activities or if you are an existing account holder, its time to log in to your account to pay bills, view statements, check balance, Change your personal details, Add another user to your account, Change your credit limit and much more.

So, check out the steps given below and make sure to follow them accordingly if you want to login into your Express credit card account.

Express Credit Card Login

Step 1: Visit the Express Credit Card Login page and then search for the “Sign In” center towards the top left of the screen.

Step 2: Provide your username and password in the blank spaces below and then press “Sign In”. If the particulars entered are correct you will also be taken to your account dashboard.

Once logged in, you can view your account summary, make payments, and update your profile information. You can also activate paperless statements and set up autopay to have your monthly statement automatically paid each month from a checking or savings account.

If there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to sign into your account, they will temporarily suspend your online account access for your security. They will send an email with instructions to the email address they have on file for your account. If you were locked out because you forgot your username and/or password, visit Forgot Username or Password to reset your information so you can sign in. You can also pay a bill without signing in with Comenity’s EasyPay.

How To Make Your Express Credit Card Payment

You have many options to make your Express Credit Card payment. Just choose the options that is convenient for you below to make your payment.

1: Pay Online: Follow these steps below to make your Express Credit card payment.

To make your Express Credit card payment online, you will first need to register for online account access by following the above step. Once you’ve registered your account, here’s how to make a payment:

  1. Log in to your Express Credit Card account with your username and password.
  2. Have your bank account number and bank routing number available.
  3. Follow the prompts to submit the payment.

2: Payment via EasyPay: You can also make your payment on your Express Credit Card through Comenity Bank’s EasyPay system. Here’s how:

How To Make Your Express Credit Card Payment
  1. Navigate to the Express Credit card payment login page.
  2. Locate the EasyPay banner at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “EasyPay” button.
  4. Enter your credit card account number, ZIP code and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  5. Click “Find My Account.”
  6. Provide your bank account number and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the payment.

3: Payment by Mail: To make your Express Credit Card payment by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Send a check, money order or cashier’s check payable in U.S. dollars to the name and address on your billing statement. Do not send cash.
  2. Include your payment stub with your payment. Do not staple the payment to the stub, and do not send any additional correspondence with your payment.
  3. If you don’t have your payment stub, include your account number on the check or money order to ensure Comenity will credit the payment to your account.

Express Credit Card accept payments to the following address:

Comenity Bank
P.O. Box 659705
San Antonio, TX 78265

4: Payment by Phone: To make your Express Credit Card payment by phone, call the customer service number for your card: at 1-800-376-0581 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

Note that Comenity Bank may charge a fee of up to $15 for expedited phone payments.

Express Credit Card Contact Information

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For in this blog? If you need additional assistance, contact Customer Care.

Customer Care


Customer Care Hours
8:00 am – 9:00 pm EST.
Closed on Sunday
Live Customer Care hours may vary on holidays.

Customer Care Address
Comenity Capital Bank
PO BOX 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

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