First Commonwealth Bank Login | How To Access Your Account

a guide to walk you the steps to find and use your First Commonwealth Bank Login, changing your password and enrolling for the online banking services.

About First Commonwealth Bank

First Commonwealth Financial Corporation is a financial services company based in Indiana, Pennsylvania, primarily serving the Western and Central Pennsylvania as well as Canton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.

The First Commonwealth Bank offers internet banking services that make it easier for the customers to access their bank accounts from anywhere around the world. It’s completely free to sign up and customers can do so many things, including paying their bills, checking their account balance and so much more. Here is

First Commonwealth Bank Login Steps

Accessing your First Commonwealth Bank online account is easy as long as you have already registered an account with the bank. You will need valid user ID and password to login into your account. Follow these steps to login:

Go in your web browser

Enter your online banking ID and click “go”

Enter your password and click “submit”

You will be granted access to your First Commonwealth Bank online account if you have used the correct details

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How To Retrieve Your Forgotten First Commonwealth Bank Login Details

If you can’t remember your password for your First Commonwealth Bank online account then you will need to reset it. The interesting thing about this is that the process of resetting your password is pretty simple because everything is there for you. Follow these steps:

Go to the Homepage and enter your login ID to access the password page

Click “forgot password”

Enter your online banking ID, email address on file and email subject and click “continue”

How To Enroll FCBanking Online Banking

It is easy to sign up for the online banking services offered by First Commonwealth Bank. You must however be a customer with a bank account to be able to enroll. Here are the steps to follow to successfully enroll:

  1. Go to the Homepage and click “enroll in online banking”
  2. Read the terms and conditions and click “I agree”
  3. Enter your social security number, account number and email address and click “continue”

How To Contact FCBanking Online Customer Service

Simply call them at 800.711.BANK (2265) weekdays from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and on weekends from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can also chat live with them during these hours on their website by clicking the berry button in the bottom right hand corner of any page or email them at [email protected] Nov 2020

What Are the Benefits of Online Banking?

Online banking gives you the sort of access to your bank account that once would have been unthinkable. When you can simply log on to manage your money with your phone or computer, it takes much of the difficulty of banking out of the equation. With better access, you’ll have a better understanding of your finances that can lead to better, more efficient budgeting.

Here are the benefits of having an online account with First Commonwealth Bank:

  • Pay your bills
  • Access your eStatements
  • Transfer money between bank accounts
  • View your balance
  • Check your transaction history

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