Firstsavingscc: How To Manage Your First Savings Credit Card

Firstsavingscc (First Savings Credit Card) is a card designed to help you build your credit score. From home mortgages to personal loans, most of the time, when you ask to borrow money, your credit score is viewed. It’s a part of life, and building credit is an excellent habit to start as soon as possible.

The First Savings Credit Card offers convenience wherever you use your Mastercard® Credit Card to make everyday purchases, to dine out at restaurants or to shop online.

Cardholders of the Firstsavingscc are able to manage their credit card online from the comfort of their own home. Cardholders have access to a fabulous online account from which they can make immediate payments on outstanding balances and review statement history.

What You Should Know About Firstsavingscc

The Firstsavingscc is the credit card offered by First savings bank. It’s a MasterCard and is accepted at most locations nationwide, making it an easy card to use for making everyday purchases.

First Savings Bank is part of an affiliated banking organization with two other affiliate banks: First National Bank – Pierre, SD with 16 banking locations in South Dakota and Colorado. First Savings Bank has been serving customers for over 100 years, and most people have a favorable opinion of this bank and enjoy working with them. They offer checking and savings accounts, as well as loans and retirement options.

Firstsavingscc online services are convenient and allow customers to manage their credit card activities from anywhere around the world as long as they have internet connection. All card holders will be required to register an online account on the credit card provider’s website to start accessing the online services. If you are interested in this online service, we will guide you through steps that will help you manage your Firstsavingscc account online.

Benefits of the First Savings Credit Card

  • You’re in Control of Purchases
  • No Hidden Fees and No Penalty APR
  • Fraud Coverage for Lost or Stolen Card
  • Secure Online Account Access

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How To Register Your Firstsavingscc Online

As the accountholder (the primary person who applied for the Firstsavingscc), when you register for Online Access to your First Savings Credit Card account, activate your card and sign in to account Center, you have 24/7 online access to the following Account Management tools:

  • View Your Account Summary
  • Sign Up for Text & Email Alerts
  • Schedule Automatic Payments
  • Manage Your Account
How To Register Your Firstsavingscc Online

To register your First Savings credit card online kindly head to and enter your credit card number, CVV, Last 4 of SSN, date of birth and email address.

Your email address lets them communicate important information about your account(s). A valid email address is also required for recurring payments, online statements, and account alerts. Occasionally, they’ll email you information about account features and other available products (if you do not wish to receive these types of emails, you can always change your email preferences later).

Be sure to choose your First Savings Credit Card username and password. The username must be between 8 and 32 characters, with no special characters, and no spaces. The password must contain at least 8 characters and have at least two of the following: one letter, one number, and one special character. Password can have no more than two identical or sequential characters. The password is case sensitive and may contain special characters.

How To Log In To Your Firstsavingscc Account

Managing your Firstsavingscc online is very simple and straightforward. After you might have registered for online access you will receive your username and password. Before, you make your first payment with your Firstsavingscc, you will need to log in to your credit card account through the First National Visa Credit Card website.

Follow the steps below to access your Firstsavingscc account online;

Go to the Firstsavingscc Login page: and log in with your username and password. If you don’t have a username and password then follow the steps above to register for online account access.

Once logged in, you can view your account summary, make payments, and update your profile information. You can also activate paperless statements and set up autopay to have your monthly statement automatically paid each month from a checking or savings account.

If there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to sign into your account, they will temporarily suspend your online account access for your security. They will send an email with instructions to the email address they have on file for your account.

If you were locked out because you forgot your username and/or password, visit Forgot Username/Password to reset your information so you can sign in.

How To Make Your Firstsavingscc Payment

First National Bank offers their customers few ways to make their First Savings Credit Card Payment. Below are some of of the ways to pay your First Savings Credit Card bills.

Where do I send my payments? Please send First Savings Credit Card payments via regular mail to:

First Savings Credit Card
PO Box 2509
Omaha, NE 68103-2509

Please include your credit card account number on your payment.

Are there other ways I can make payments? You can pay your bill with no fee using your checking account on the website or their automated phone system.

You can also make payments through MoneyGram using code 3890 or Western Union using Code City/State: FSCC/SD. If you have a MoneyGram account the you may want to know how to access your account online.

Debit card payments are accepted for a processing fee of $3.95 through a Customer Service Representative. To find locations to make a cash payment click on the url below:

Firstsavingscc Help & Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is a Paperless Statement? A “Paperless” statement is an electronic, PDF format of your account statement. It contains all of the same account information as paper statements. It is delivered online instead of through the U.S. Mail.

2: How do I enroll in Paperless Statements and stop receiving statements via U.S. Mail? After logging into your account, select Manage Statement Delivery Method and follow the online instructions.

3: Is there a cost for Paperless Statements? No. Paperless Statements are Free.

4:What security measures does the First Savings Credit Card website use? They use advanced encryption techniques to protect the information you provide to us over the Internet. You can tell that the session is secure when you see a locked padlock displayed at the bottom of most browser windows. In addition, before displaying any transaction activity information online, they verify the identity of the cardholder using the sign in or enrollment information.

5: How long will a pending authorization appear in my transactions? An authorization will appear as pending until it posts to your account as a charge, a merchant releases it, or it expires. Authorizations expire after 15 days.

6: What time does my web payment need to be submitted on my due date to be considered on time? Web payments need to be completed prior to 5:00pm Central Time on the due date to post on that date.

7: How do I change my payment information online? To change the payment information (i.e. routing number or checking account number) that has already been provided, select the “Payments” tab at the top of the screen then select “Make a Payment”. Enter the desired amount and select “Continue”. The confirm payment window will provide the options of “Yes”, “Edit”, and “Cancel”. Select the “Edit” option and enter your new payment information. This information will be kept on file for future web payments.

8: My payment has posted, but is not reflected in my available credit to use. Why? They reserve the right to limit available credit resulting from a payment, generally up to 12 days. These restrictions are for security reasons and are determined by a variety of different factors. This information was included in the “Credit Card Contract and Initial Disclosure Statement” that you received with your credit card. The “Paying Your Bill” section states “They reserve the right to limit available credit resulting from any payment for up to thirty (30) days.” Payments made via guaranteed funds generally are not restricted and do not limit your available credit.

8: How do I change my name on my account? You may request a name change on your account by mailing a written request along with legal documentation to the general correspondence address listed on your statement. You may also fax this request to 605-782-3435.

9: My card is about to expire. When will I receive my new card with an updated expiration date? Your current card may be used until the last day of the month in which it expires. Renewal cards are generally mailed around the middle of the month in which your current card expires.

10: Why do I need a PIN (Personal Identification Number)? The PIN allows you to access cash using an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). This number is computer-generated and mailed directly to you.

11: What is a One Time Passcode (OTP)? A One Time Passcode (OTP) is a unique number that they generate and send to you either via email or verified SMS (text) whenever we need to verify your identity. The delivery method of email or SMS (text) will be dependent upon which option is available, or which delivery method you have selected.

12: Why do I need to use a One Time Passcode? This verification process provides an added layer of security to our Online Card member Services. A One Time Passcode helps us to verify your identity and protect your information.

13: If I chose to receive my One Time Passcode via SMS (text) message will there be a fee? No fee will be charged, but Msg & Data rates may apply.

12: Why doesn’t my phone number show as an option? You have not signed up for SMS (text) alerts. After logging into your account, go to the Text & Email Alerts tab, select Add Mobile Number and follow the online instructions.

13: I’ve selected to receive a One Time Passcode by email, but I’m not receiving anything. What’s wrong? Be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder in your email account. If you feel you have not received your One Time Passcode within 5 minutes, you may request that the One Time Passcode be sent again via the same delivery method or a different verified delivery method, if available.

14: Commonly Used Passwords Commonly used passwords are less secure and easily guessed. When creating a password, do not use common options like: 123456, password, Password123, qwerty, abcdef, etc.

Firstsavingscc Customer Service

Payment Address
First Savings Credit Card
PO Box 2509
Omaha, NE 68103-2509

Correspondence Address
First Savings Credit Card
PO Box 5019
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5019

Customer Service

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