FIT MasterCard Application: How To Apply For FIT MasterCard

The FIT Mastercard Credit Card is designed for people who want to get back on track. After you complete the short and easy FIT MasterCard application online, your results will be ready in a matter of seconds. If you make on-time minimum payments and maintain your balances under the credit limits, you may be able to build or reestablish your credit! Don’t miss this chance!

This page contains general information regarding the FIT MasterCard Application. Additionally, it discusses the steps you need to take in order to apply and get the FIT MasterCard, including the requirement, the FIT MasterCard Application options and every other necessary things you need to know about FIT MasterCard.

FIT MasterCard Features

If you are seriously thinking about including this particular MasterCard to your other cards, there are things to look at to help you make that decision: The major benefit of this card is that it accepts bad credit and helps you to rebuild your credit

1: Initial Credit Limit of $400: A FIT Mastercard with an initial credit limit of $400. Use your FIT card at locations everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Shopping, dining, even travel are all in your future with your new FIT credit card. Your FIT credit card account can help you rebuild or improve your credit score when you make your payments on-time and you keep your balance under your credit limit.

2: Potential Credit Limit Increase After Just 6 Months: You may be eligible for your first credit limit increase after just 6 months. If you are trying to build up your credit, getting a credit limit increase is a milestone achievement. Continental recognizes this and will review your account, giving you the opportunity to obtain a Credit Limit Increase upon your request, subject to income and underwriting criteria at the time of review. You could experience the reward of more spending power, a lower credit utilization ratio, and the potential to raise your credit score.

3: Enjoy Peace of Mind With $0 Fraud Liability: With $0 Fraud Liability you will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges on your FIT credit card. With zero fraud liability you are only responsible for purchases that you make, so you can shop with confidence and know that your card activity is fully protected. Whether you’re shopping in a store, travelling abroad, or making online purchases you can rely on Continental Finance to protect your FIT credit card account.

4: Monthly Reporting to All Three Major Credit Bureaus: The FIT credit card can be used as an effective tool to build credit. Continental Finance accepts people who apply for a FIT credit card with less than perfect credit. Continental Finance will report your payments to the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, Equifax.

5: Free Monthly Credit Score: When you activate a FIT Mastercard, you have to create an account. One of the top features of that account is you get a free monthly credit score when you enroll in e-statements. Every month you can check your score. If you are building credit for the first time, or repairing credit, you can see the impact actions like making your monthly payments on time have on your credit score each month.

Fees Associated With the Fit Mastercard Credit Card

  • Annual fee: The annual fee is $99.
  • Foreign transaction fee: The foreign transaction fee is 3%.
  • Cash advance fee: The cash advance fee is 5% of the advance, or at least $5.
  • Late payment fee: You will owe a fee equal to your minimum payment, or at most $29. If you miss a second payment on the next six bills, you will owe a fee equal to your minimum payment, or at most $40.
  • Returned payment fee: You will owe a fee equal to your minimum payment, or at most $29. If you miss a second payment on the next six bills, you will owe a fee equal to your minimum payment, or at most $40. If your payment is both late and returned, you will only be charged one fee.
  • Processing fee: You will owe a one-time $89 processing fee.
  • Monthly maintenance fee: After your first year with this card, you will owe $6.25 per month for card maintenance.
  • Additional card fee: There is a $30 fee for each authorized user you add.

FIT MasterCard Application: How To Apply For FIT MasterCard

FIT MasterCard Application has never been easier. You may apply for a FIT credit card online from, call 1-866-513-4598 or return the acceptance certificate from the pre-selected offer that you received in the mail.

FIT MasterCard Application: How To Apply For FIT MasterCard

To apply for FIT MasterCard online, over the phone, or through the mail some basic information will be required. To get a FIT credit card they’re going to ask you for your full name as it would appear on government documents, social security number, date of birth and physical address. A P.O. box will not work.

This is common for anyone when you apply for major credit card. They need this personal information for two reasons. First, Federal Law requires us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens a FIT card account with them. As a result, your personal information is required and is used for those identification purposes.

Secondly, they use your personal information, like your Social Security number, to pull your credit bureau data. This data is used in conjunction with other information like your monthly income to process your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How long does it take to make a decision about my application? In most cases, we will provide an instant decision. However, in some cases we need to collect additional information to make a decision on your FIT credit card application which could take up to 30 days.

2: When will I receive my new credit card? After you apply for credit and are approved it is a very fast process to get your brand new credit card. If you’re approved, your new FIT credit card and welcome materials containing important FIT card info will be mailed within (3) business days.

3: How do I activate my new FIT Mastercard? You can activate new and reissued cards online or over the phone. To activate online, go to the website on the back of your card and select the “Activate Now” button. To activate over the phone, call from the phone number that you provided on your application to the toll-free activation number printed on the sticker affixed to your new card within 30 days of receiving your card in the mail.

4: Can I manage my new FIT card account online?

Yes. You will be able to enroll in their Online Banking Service to do all of the following actions with your FIT card and more:

  • Make a FIT credit card payment
  • Enroll to receive online statements for your FIT card
  • View recent transactions
  • View previous statements
  • View payment history
  • View your balance and other important FIT credit info

To do so you simply need to sign up and get your FIT login information. Then you can access your FIT credit info anytime 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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