Gateway Mortgage Login: How To Pay Your Mortgage Online

Managing your mortgage online is something you can do from the comfort of your home. If you have a mortgage online account with Gateway First Bank you can make payments and carry out other online transactions on the Gateway Mortgage Login portal.

Okay, you probably already know that every dollar you add to your mortgage payment puts a bigger dent in your principal balance. And that means if you add just one extra payment per year, you’ll knock years off the term of your mortgage—not to mention interest savings!

To get serious about paying off your mortgage faster, here are some ideas to help:

How To Register For Gateway Mortgage Online Account

Before you enjoy all the Gateway Mortgage online features, you have a registered online account, if you are new to this just follow the steps.

You’ll need the following to complete the registration:

  • Account Number
  • Your SSN
  • Your email access

To register for Gateway Mortgage online account go to and fill out the registration form.

Gateway Mortgage Login Steps

If you have a Gateway Mortgage online account, you may manage it online at any time. It’s simple to access your online account, and you’ll need your login details just like other online platforms would request. To log into your online account, follow these simple steps:

Gateway Mortgage Login Steps

To log in kindly go to and enter your username and password and then finish the login process by clicking or tapping on the “Sign In” button.

How To Make Your Gateway Mortgage Payment

Automatic Payment – Recurring Draft

Gateway Mortgage offer recurring draft monthly. You can sign up for the funds to draft between the 1st-15th. They accept checking or savings accounts. Debit cards are not accepted for recurring draft.

To enroll/edit/modify, log into your online account and click “recurring payment”. If you haven’t set up your online account, Click here for instructions.

One-time payment

You can make one-time payments through the website, automated phone system (877-764-9319), or phone representative with a checking account, savings account, or debit card.

To mail payments, please send to:
PO Box 21044
Tulsa, OK 74121
Money order or Cashier’s check
244 South Gateway Place
Jenks, OK 74037

Please note that Payments are not accepted at local Gateway Mortgage centers.

Other Payment Options

Using your bank’s payment (bill pay) service:

  • Set up bill pay through your bank’s website
  • Please allow enough time for delivery to ensure your payment is received by the 16th. Some banks may mail a check instead of sending it electronically. They may not receive the payment the same day it reflects in your bank account.
  • ***Payment changes due to your annual Escrow Analysis will not automatically update. This
    could cause you to over or under pay when this change is in effect. They recommend enrolling in recurring draft with Gateway to prevent this.

Gateway Mortgage Payment Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can I pay additional towards my principal or escrow? Yes. Additional principal and escrow payments can be made once the current month’s payment has been received. They recommend making these additional payments online or mail and avoid using your bank’s bill pay service.

2: How can I enroll in automatic payment/recurring draft? Log into your online account and click “recurring payment”. They accept monthly recurring draft only. You can also download the recurring payment form click here and return it to them.

3: How can I confirm you received my payment? Your payment will reflect online within 2-3 business days of receipt. Please note, mailed payments can take 7-10 business days for them to receive.

If you make a partial payment, you will see the payment online as “unapplied” funds. This
is a suspense account that holds the funds until the full payment has been received.

Please note, payments will not post to the loan (including towards interest) until the full payment has been received.

4: What are the cut off times for making payments? Log into your online account and click “Payment Options/Fees” for this information.

5: Why did my monthly payment amount change? Click here for information about Escrow Analysis

For more information Mortgage Support 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST/CDT, M-F

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