GEICO Drive Easy Review – What is GEICO DriveEasy and how does it work?

GEICO Drive Easy Review and everything you need to know: DriveEasy is a new program that promotes safe driving by providing both GEICO and the customer valuable information about individual driving patterns. … Most customers will earn a discount based on their safe driving habits, however riskier drivers may see a higher rate – depending on the state you live in.

GEICO DriveEasy uses an app that tracks your driving habits. The program is very simple to use. Just download the app, create your GEICO login, and forget it. The program will continue to run in the background and track various factors.

The driving habits that DriveEasy tracks are:

  • Distance driven
  • Distracted driving
  • Time of day of the drive
  • Hard braking
  • Speed

You can’t get GEICO DriveEasy car insurance quotes because rates vary based on your driving.

Your discount is calculated based on how well you do in these categories, and you can get a significantly lower rate than your GEICO quote.

However, there are some factors that the app doesn’t take into account. For example, if someone pulls out in front of you and you brake hard, there is no way to note that.

The same is true for distracted driving. There is no way for the app to know if you are texting and driving or if your passenger is sending a text for you.

The app runs continually in the background on your phone, which can lead to a dead battery or overages on your data plan if you aren’t careful. Also, keep in mind that GEICO stores your data and can use it for different purposes.

You can contact GEICO customer service if you are having a problem with the app or it is recording incorrect.

Is GEICO DriveEasy worth it?

Just like with every telematics program, there are pros and cons when it comes to DriveEasy.

Pros for using DriveEasy include:

  • The program is free and easy to use
  • If you drive safely, you will save money on your auto insurance
  • You will pay more attention to your driving and improve any poor habits you might have picked up

One of the main advantages of telematics is that it provides immediate feedback, causing you to adjust your driving habits quickly, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Cons of using DriveEasy are:

  • The GEICO DriveEasy app does use your data, so you need a good data plan
  • If you have poor driving habits, GEICO can actually raise your rates
  • There is no way to differentiate between you using your phone while driving and a passenger using it
  • DriveEasy isn’t available in every state and discounts will vary by state
  • Your data is tracked which can compromise your privacy

Although this is a helpful program for drivers with good habits and who don’t drive during peak times, DriveEasy can actually make your GEICO insurance increase.

If DriveEasy isn’t for you, there are many alternatives out there, including Progressive’s Snapshot and Allstate’s Drivewise. Research to find the best insurance companies to choose from for your particular needs.

DriveEasy will help you get affordable GEICO DriveEasy car insurance, but to make sure you get the best price, you can always compare quotes.

People also ask>

What states offer the DriveEasy Program?

DriveEasy is currently available to eligible GEICO policyholders in the states of:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Stay tuned for additional states!

What happens once I am enrolled?

You will download the app, complete your registration by logging into the app, and set up your phone’s permissions. You will just need to stay logged in and the app will log your trips. The app will stay in a dormant state until driving activity is detected. Once your trip ends, the app will upload the data to the cloud. The data is processed, and then your trip information and scores are sent back to be displayed on your smartphone.

Why isn’t one of my drivers listed in the other drivers section of the app?

There could be several reasons such as:

  • The driver is not active on the policy
  • The driver doesn’t have an active U.S driver’s license
  • The driver is a DriveEasy participant on another GEICO policy
  • The driver isn’t actively participating in the program

As a reminder, by participating in the DriveEasy Program you and your drivers agree to actively participate. If all drivers on the policy do not actively participate, GEICO has the right to remove the policy from the DriveEasy Program which will remove the participation discount.

How often should I have to log into the app?

Once your registration is complete by logging into the app and setting up your phone’s permissions, all you have to do is remain logged in and drive.

How will the data from my participation in DriveEasy be used?

If you opt to participate in DriveEasy, your feedback and interaction with the app will be used to make future improvements and allow us to provide you with safe driving tips. We will also evaluate your driving score and apply that into your rate. Most customers will earn a discount based on their safe driving habits, however riskier drivers may see an increase.


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