What is the GEICO virtual assistant? How can It help You?

GEICO is debuting a new virtual assistant. Named Kate, the service helps customers pursue actions such as checking their current balance on an auto insurance policy or spot the date due for their next payment.

Customers can access Kate by downloading the GEICO mobile app. It’s designed so they can ask her a question and she will respond with quick, personalized answers, thanks to interactive voice assistant technology. She’s programmed to know about insurance and provide customers specific policy information.

To start talking with Kate, customers can either type or speak with her directly, 24 hours a day.

Kate is available right now within the mobile app for iOS, with plans to introduce her to Android policyholders in early 2017. GEICO’s updated version of its app is in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.


What is the GEICO virtual assistant?

GEICO‘s virtual assistant provides a chat experience, so you can get the answers you need right away- no phone calls required. Equipped with a wide variety of responses and information, your questions are used to give you what you need along with building interaction knowledge, so the more you chat with the virtual assistant, the more she learns.

The GEICO virtual assistant learns by chatting with customers just like you. She can answer policy questions, show billing information, or take you where you need to go in the GEICO Mobile app or on geico.com. The GEICO virtual assistant is available on both iOS and Android.


How can GEICO’S Virtual Assistant help?

GEICO’S Virtual Assistant can help you with all sorts of insurance related things. You can ask GEICO’S Virtual Assistant:

  • For information on policy coverages
  • To view billing information
  • To find documents like insurance ID cards, and more

GEICO’S Virtual Assistant is for you 24/7 in GEICO Mobile.

Who can use the virtual assistant?

GEICO’S Virtual Assistant is available in the GEICO Mobile app on iOS and Android. So, download GEICO Mobile and see what everyone’s talking about. Psst, it’s probably about insurance.

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