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Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance | How To Buy | Benefits | FAQs | Reviews

Older adults know better than anyone that there are few, if any, guarantees in the world. Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance provides valuable whole life insurance protection to help cover final expenses, such as medical bills, burial costs and unpaid debt. It helps protect your family from the financial burden of your final expenses.

In fact, the one thing that all seniors can count on is to expect the unexpected – especially when it comes to matters of health and money. That’s why we owe it to ourselves and our families to prepare as much as possible for what we should (and might not) expect.

If you are 50 to 80 years old, there has never been a better time to consider life insurance. The Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life Insurance might be the smartest choice to help protect you and your family’s financial future.

Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Benefits

The sooner you apply, the better – here’s why

  • Did you know that the Gerber Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan builds cash value over time? The sooner you apply and get a policy, the faster it can begin building cash value. The longer you hold the policy, the larger the cash value.
  • So why is “cash value” a benefit to you?  The cash value can be borrowed against should you have need to pay unexpected expenses.* It can be a back-up plan if you really need it. 
  • Plus the Gerber Life Guaranteed Life application process is easy, really easy. There’s no medical exam and no health questions.** Simply apply online, or call to have a friendly Gerber Life agent help you through every step of the process.
  • As long as you’re age 50 to 80, your acceptance is guaranteed. All you need to do is apply.

Oops, peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are protected

  • Guaranteed Life Insurance won’t make every concern disappear, but it can help prepare for whatever lies ahead, like costly medical bills or final expenses.
  • Protecting and providing for our children and grandchildren are among the most important and satisfying things that we can do.
  • Gerber Life makes it possible to put your family first with monthly premiums you can afford.
  • Besides – knowing that decisions we make today may impact those we care about most should be the ultimate reminder to:  Act Now.
  • Call 1-866-503-4481 today to secure you and your family’s futures. Their knowledgeable agents will happily answer any of your questions.

How to Apply for Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance

Gerber Life offers term life insurance that’s affordable, with a quick and easy application process. Give your family the financial protection and peace of mind they deserve. Call: 1-866-503-4480

1: Get your free quote: Answer 4 easy questions to get your free quote immediately.

2: Apply online or by phone: Complete a few more simple questions about yourself and then choose your coverage amount – between $5,000 and $25,0002 – and apply.

3: Make your first payment: Pay today using your checking/savings account or credit/debit card. You can save up to 8% on your monthly premiums by signing up for Easy Pay to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month. As soon as your application is approved and the first payment is successfully made, your coverage will begin.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1: What kind of insurance is Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance? Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life is a whole life insurance policy for adults between 50 and 80 years old that does not require a medical exam or ask health questions – your acceptance is guaranteed.1 Plus our Guaranteed Life Insurance builds cash value that you can borrow from if you ever need help with unexpected expenses.*  Or if you decide to cancel your policy for any reason, you would receive the available cash value. By comparison, term life insurance policies don’t build cash value. *Policy loan interest rate is 8%.

2: What is guaranteed acceptance life insurance? Guaranteed acceptance insurance is life insurance that does not require a medical exam or health questions in order to be approved for coverage. Those who may not qualify for other types of life insurance due to a health concern could still get life insurance protection with a guaranteed acceptance policy. It’s a smart option for those wanting to stay one step ahead of costly final expenses. It gives your family one less thing to worry about during an especially trying time — when financial challenges should be the last thing on their minds. You can secure a small amount of coverage to cover the basics, or a larger amount to take care of greater expenses your family may face down the road.

3: What coverage amounts does Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance provide? Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance offers coverage amounts ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

4: Will my premiums ever increase? No, with Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance, the amount you pay when coverage begins is the same amount you’ll pay throughout the duration of your policy. The only time your premiums may change is if you decide to increase coverage or the frequency of your payments.

5: Is Guaranteed Life Insurance worth it? When you buy a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy, you’re helping to protect your loved ones from the burden of costly final expenses. It’s a financial safety net that you’ll always have, as long as premiums are paid. And since your premiums will never go up, your payments will always be stable. That predictability can have great value as you budget for the years ahead. Remember that you can also borrow from the cash value of your policy (policy loan interest rate is 8%), giving you an extra financial tool for unplanned expenses. When it comes to choosing life insurance to help cover final expenses, it’s important to look at the company behind the policy to make sure it’s going to stand by it. Gerber Life Insurance has been protecting families like yours since 1967. We have an “A” (excellent) rating from the highly regarded independent reporting firm, A.M. Best. 

6: What is a graded death benefit? The Graded Death Benefit of a policy is a period of time when the death benefit paid is restricted If death occurs from natural causes (not accidental) during your policy’s first two years. With the Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life policy, if death occurs in the first two years your beneficiary will receive all premiums paid plus 10%.  After the two year period ends, the full benefit amount of your policy is paid.

7: What’s the value of life insurance for parents and the elderly? You may be shopping for yourself or perhaps you’re helping a loved one explore life insurance options. Credit card debt, medical bills and funeral costs can be very costly. In fact, the average cost of a funeral alone can run as high as $10,0003. Guaranteed Life Insurance from Gerber Life can be a smart choice to help your family cover the cost of your final expenses. Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance policy is designed to be easy to understand, and easy to buy. You can apply online (or by phone) in minutes for a lifetime of coverage — and your acceptance is guaranteed. Your family shouldn’t have to take on the burden of credit card debt, medical bills or funeral costs. That’s why Gerber Life is here to give you greater peace of mind about your family’s future. 

8: How does Guaranteed Life Insurance compare to No Medical Exam Life Insurance? You may be familiar with life insurance policies that don’t require a medical exam, and that’s exactly how the Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance policy works. The only condition for becoming a policy owner is that you are between 50 and 80 years old. Your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your heath. Their application is easy and can be completed entirely online for your convenience. And if you have any questions along the way don’t forget to drop it in the comment box below

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