Gerber Sign In: How to Login, Pay Bills Online

Gerber Life Insurance started to provide services to customers in 1967, focusing on children’s insurance at first. The company works with clients from the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Even though still focusing on children’s insurance, today, Gerber offers six more policy plans that are available to adults: Grown up plan, term life insurance plan, guaranteed insurance plan, whole life insurance plan. accident protection insurance, and the college plan. All of this available online, on their website. So here is a guide Gerber Sign In page.

Once logged in the customer can make Gerber Life Insurance Payments, make a claim, complete policy change forms, update billing preferences, view payment history and update contact information. The web portal of the Gerber Life is easy to use. You can access the Gerber Sign In page through any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer device.

Gerber Sign In – How to Login to Gerber Life Insurance

Step 1– The policyholder can directly visit the Gerber Life Insurance login homepage (

Gerber Sign In

Step 2– As the webpage opens there will be the login section. Enter the user id and password and click the orange button tagged “Login”. As shown above.

Gerber Life Insurance Payments – How to Make Payments

To make insurance payments more convenient for you we have brought all the insurance payment options made available by the Gerber Insurance Company.

Pay Gerber Life Insurance Bills Online

Step 1– For an online payment, you need to visit the e-service page and log in. See This guide Gerber Life eservice Login – How to Login to eServiceCenter

Step 2– After you have logged in you will find the ‘Payment’ tab. Now the user can pay using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Gerber Life Insurance Payment Address

You can also write a check in the name of the insurance company and send it to the address mentioned below:

Gerber Life Insurance Co.

445 State Street

Fremont, MI 49412

Pay by Phone

For paying by using the automated call service you need to call on 1-800-704-2180.

Gerber Life Insurance Phone Numbers

Call: 1-800-704-2180


Gerber life insurance is a little bit unusual, maybe because of the original purpose of the company. However, this company is one of those rare ones that care for the well being of your children. They have great policy plans and the option to compare rates, so you can find a plan that fits your cut. The website also has detailed information that will help you, as a customer, to understand how life insurance works, as well as the importance of life insurance.

The interface of the website is great, and it is very easy to login to Gerber Life Insurance, as well as use their services. As far as online payment is concerned, the website still does not provide that option. Gerber’s insurance agents also have a great benefit from logging in to their website. They too can communicate with their clients online, work on the policies and connect with new users. You can find information about filing a claim, and you can also read their frequently asked questions for a better insight.

Though, so far, apart from being able to manage your policies online, and getting an online children’s quote/adult insurance rates, other services are not yet available, Gerber’s insurance’s website still has a lot of great things you can benefit from. Their information about the importance of life insurance and understanding it are great, they have video tutorials and great material to catch up on. For a long time the company is providing insurance for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


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