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How To Get Instant Health Insurance Online

A need To Get Instant Health Insurance Online can arise for many reasons.  The most common reasons include a loss of health insurance and impending medical expenses.  When you attempt to get insurance, you may discover that under the Affordable Care Act the rules and limitations for obtaining health insurance have changed significantly.  Not only may you NOT be able To Get Instant Health Insurance Online, but you may have to go without coverage until the next Annual Open Enrollment Period.

Continue reading below to know whether getting Instant Health Insurance Online may be a possibility for yo

If you have a need To Get Instant Health Insurance Online due to one of the following life events occurring within the past 60 days, you may be able to obtain health insurance through a Special Enrollment Period:

  • You just gave birth.
  • You just got divorced and your spouse previously provided your coverage.
  • You just took a higher paying job and your children are now ineligible for Medicaid.
  • You just moved to a new county or state, like from South Carolina to North Carolina.
  • You just lost your job and your health insurance along with it.
  • Your spouse passed away, leaving you newly uninsured.
  • You just aged off of your parent’s plan.
  • You just graduated college and lost student health coverage.
  • You just got out of jail.
  • You just became a legal U.S. citizen.

If you did not recently experience one (or more) of the above life events, then you will probably have to wait until the next Annual Open Enrollment Period in order to buy health insurance coverage.

You may find yourself looking for health insurance due to one of the following three situations, however, none would qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, and you would need to wait until the next Annual Open Enrollment Period to obtain coverage.

  • You just became sick and need medical care.
  • You just found out you are pregnant.
  • You just found out you will need surgery.

An immediate or pressing need for healthcare or health insurance is not going to open up the opportunity for you to get insurance through a Special Enrollment Period.

However, once the Annual Open Enrollment Period begins, your cost for coverage will not be affected by any pre-existing conditions, and your eligibility to purchase instant health insurance will not be nullified by the impending costs associated with your healthcare.

How To Get Instant Health Insurance Online

The best way to find health insurance quotes is through an independent agent.  They will be able to save you a lot of time and give you unbiased advice on which plans that would meet your needs.  Several independent agents even have websites that you can start by running a health insurance quote online.  A good website would show you health insurance plans from several carriers and give you contact information to follow up with an experienced health insurance agent.

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