GetCoveredNJ Login: How To Access Your GetCoveredNJ Account

If you are currently enrolled in a plan through GetCoveredNJ, the GetCoveredNJ Login portal is an online portal that allows you to log in to update your application and review your plan options. If you are a new customer and have a Qualifying Life Event or meet a certain income threshold, you can enroll in a health plan through a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Open Enrollment runs each year from November 1 through January 31.

Read our downloadable guide carefully and completely. It contains important information that should answer most of your questions about Get Covered New Jersey. Keep in mind, though, that like this website, it only gives general information. It is not the law. It is not a regulation. It is not legal advice.

What is Get Covered New Jersey?

Get Covered New Jersey is the state’s official health insurance marketplace where individuals and families can easily shop for and buy coverage. It is the only place you can apply for financial help to lower the cost of your monthly insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. You can learn if you might qualify for free or low-cost health insurance through NJ FamilyCare, New Jersey’s publicly funded health insurance program.

Who can shop on Get Covered New Jersey?

Get Covered New Jersey is a source of affordable health insurance for New Jersey residents who do not have health coverage from their employers or access to other health care programs. Financial help is available to help lower the cost of premiums and out-of-pocket costs for those who qualify. Residents can also learn at Get Covered New Jersey (abbreviated as GetCoveredNJ) if they might qualify for NJ FamilyCare, New Jersey’s publicly funded health insurance program. To shop on GetCoveredNJ you:

  • Must live in the United States and have a primary residence in New Jersey
  • Must be considered a resident of the United States and New Jersey for tax purposes
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or national. If you are a non-citizen, you must be lawfully present in the U.S. for the entire time you plan to have health coverage.
  • Cannot be currently incarcerated

Individuals who are not eligible to buy health insurance through GetCoveredNJ can still apply for other members of their household who are eligible. For example, parents who are not lawfully present can still enroll their children in health insurance through GetCoveredNJ if their children are eligible.

How To Get Started With GetCoveredNJ For New Customers is the state’s official online health insurance Marketplace, where you can:

  • Shop online and compare plans that cover essential health benefits as required by the Affordable Care Act.
  • Apply for financial help to lower your health insurance costs.
  • Work with certified experts who can answer questions and guide you through enrollment at no cost to you.

Due to new federal and state changes, more New Jerseyans now qualify for financial help. If you did not qualify for financial help before because your income was too high, you may qualify under the state and federal changes. These new changes make coverage more affordable at most income levels. These increased financial benefits are only available if you enroll in coverage through GetCoveredNJ. The new financial help is currently in effect and will be available for coverage in 2022.

Follow this step-by-step guide below to enroll.

How To Get Started With GetCoveredNJ For New Customers

Step 1: Browse Plans and create account: View potential savings and browse health plans available in your area to see if you may qualify for lower premiums.

Step 2: Complete an Application: Select “Start New Application” button to see if you qualify for GetCoveredNJ coverage and financial help, and to see if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in coverage.

Qualifying Life Events include loss of other coverage, change in household such as birth or a death, pregnancy or moving. Certain income levels (up to $25,760 for individuals, $53,000 for a family of 4) automatically qualify to shop for plans without a specific life event. See other life events that qualify for a Special Enrollment Period here. If you do not qualify for an SEP, you may still qualify to enroll during Open Enrollment – please check back between November 1 and January 31.

Steps 3: Review Results & Report Qualifying Life Event (if needed): After submitting your application, review your eligibility results and go to the account dashboard. Under Next Steps, you will either see:

  1. A “Shop for Plans” button if you have automatically qualified for a Special Enrollment Period based on your application information (see A); or
  2. A “Confirm Event and Shop” button to provide more information about your Qualifying Life Event (see B). Select the Qualifying Life Event that applies to you and provide any requested dates (see C). If you qualify, you will see “Shop for Plans” (see A).

Step 4: Choose a Health Plan: Once you see the “Shop for Plans” button, choose a health plan within the timeframe on your account dashboard (usually 60 days from your reported life event).

Step 5: Pay your first month’s Premium: For your coverage to start, you must pay your first month’s premium on time.

GetCoveredNJ Login Steps is the state’s official health insurance marketplace where you can shop for and enroll in quality, affordable health coverage, and the only place to receive financial help to lower premium and out-of-pocket costs. As of November 1, 2020, New Jerseyans use instead of to shop for and enroll in coverage.

Due to the American Rescue Plan Act, Get Covered New Jersey customers are now eligible for new and expanded financial help. The State of New Jersey is also providing additional savings. This means more people now qualify for more financial help. If you did not qualify for financial help before because your income was too high, you may qualify under these recent changes. If you already enrolled, review your account to see if you are receiving the maximum savings.

Get Covered New Jersey automatically updated as many consumer accounts as possible to reflect the new financial help. If you are an existing consumer, you can log in to your GetCoveredNJ account to see if increased financial help has been applied to your account. If not, update your information to see if you can receive more savings.

Current Enrollees can follow these easy steps to update an application or shop for a new plan.

GetCoveredNJ Login Steps

Step 1: If you already have a Get Covered New Jersey account, log in here and select “Returning to GetCoveredNJ” to view your account information or report changes. If you can’t remember your log-in information, contact GetCoveredNJ at 833-677-1010 for assistance..

You may have an existing GetCoveredNJ account if you created one yourself or received help from an Assister, Broker or a GetCoveredNJ Representative.

GetCoveredNJ Customer Service

Do you have questions about or need help with enrollment? Call GetCoveredNJ Customer Call Center 1-833-677-1010 TTY 711

Outside of Open Enrollment (February – October of each year)
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
Closed – Saturday and Sunday

During Open Enrollment (November 1 – January 31 of each year)
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday – Friday 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday   

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