Globe Life Pay Your Bill: How To Pay Online, By Phone, Mail

Globe Life Insurance has been in business since 1951 and now provides life insurance for nearly 4 million people. Globe Life Pay Your Bill in different ways for you to pay your premium at your convenience so that you can rest assured that your loved ones will be covered if the worst occurs.

Globe Life and Accident Insurance company offers policyholders the options of taking care of their premium payments by mail, phone or online. However, each option has its pros and cons. For instance, paying by mail is convenient and doesn’t require any direct interaction with the company. However, it requires you to spend money on postage. An advantage of paying online is that it offers you the option of setting up future payments so you don’t have to worry about missing one. However, you have to have access to Internet service to set up the payment. Take at look at the ins and outs of each payment method to decide which is right for you.

There are times when we can’t be bothered to go to the Globe store or authorized payment center to pay our Globe bills. Good thing is that you can pay your Globe bills online using a computer or smartphone and without ever leaving the house. It’s easy, convenient and hassle free.

Nobody wants to wait in line to pay their bills. In the past, I used to pay my bills at the Globe store where I was given a number and told to wait for my turn. Later, the store shifted to payment kiosks but I often had to endure the long queues.

Paying your Globe bill online is definitely better than visiting the Globe store or payment center and waiting in line. However, not everyone knows how and where to pay their bills using the Internet. This article will teach you the basics of paying your Globe bills online, by phone or email.

Premium Notice

Current policyholders receive an automated generation of their premium notices according to their billing cycle. Policyholders can also log onto the Globe Life website and view their current premium and their policy once they register for an account. To register for an account, input your policy number, your last name and your date of birth on Globe Life’s payment website.

Globe Life Pay Your Bill – Online Payments

Globe Life provides an eService Center tool that policyholders can log onto to pay their bill online. From the homepage, choose whether you want to log in if you have an existing account or to register for new account. Click on the option to “Make Payment Online.” The site allows you to use a checking account, savings account, MasterCard or Visa credit card or debit card. Enter your financial information and the effective date for the transaction before clicking on “Submit.” You can also choose to make an automatic draft for future premium payments from this screen.

Globe Life Pay Your Bill – Phone Payments

If you want to make a payment quickly before your policy lapses and don’t have Internet access, you can make a phone payment. Call 1-800-654-5433 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST. You will need to provide the customer service representative with information to validate your identity, your policy information and your financial information.

Globe Life Pay Your Bill – Payments by Mail

If your life insurance premium winds up in your bill basket, you can mail in your payment. Include your policy number on your personal check or money order along with your statement and mail it to Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, Globe Life Center, 204 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City, OK 73184.

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  1. Clarian Harris says:

    Please send a premium bill payment by mail for Clarian Harris DOB:07/05/1964 and Timothy Shaw 01/25/1960.
    Send to 791 Marcy Ave. #2B, Brooklyn, NY 11216.
    Amount owe and due date.
    I cannot get into my Globe payment account online

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