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Greensky Login: How To Manage Your Greensky Account Online

The GreenSky® Programs make it easy for contractors to offer affordable financing to customers like you. GreenSky is the servicer for one of the nation’s largest bank lending programs. However, once you register, the Greensky Login portal allows you to manage your account, view billing statements, and making payments. You can also make a payment without registering.

This page contains general information regarding managing your Greensky online account. Additionally, it discusses steps you need to take in order to register for Greensky online account for the first time, including when and how to make your Greensky payment online. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about how Greensky works. So lets get started.

What You Should Know About Greensky

GreenSky is a financing platform that services loans to fund home improvement projects on behalf of more than a dozen banks in the U.S. Borrowers with at least fair credit, or a credit score of at least 650, are the best candidates for a GreenSky Direct Home Improvement Loan; if you have poor credit, you won’t qualify. You can borrow up to $55,000 with APRs ranging from 6.99% to 23.99% on loan terms of 36, 60 or 84 months.

Banks in the GreenSky® Programs have financed more than one million home improvement projects. They service loans on behalf of more than a dozen leading banks across the nation.

You can think of GreenSky as a link between contractors, their customers and banks. GreenSky bring everyone together and simplify the loan process, from application, to decision/approval, to payments.

If you do apply and are approved, you can create a GreenSky login to use the company’s online portal to manage your account and make payments. In addition to the GreenSky online payment feature, you can also pay by check or phone.

How To Create A User Profile

If you are a new user, then you have to create a Greensky online account. Just by using a few basic details, you can easily register for the account. Once you register, you can manage your account, view billing statements, and making payments. You can also make a payment without registering.

In order to complete your registration, you have to follow these simple instructions below:

To register for the portal, go to and fill in the form with the following information below.

  • Enter your application ID or last 4-digits of your account number/Shopping pass
  • Enter your Social Security Number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click on “Continue”

Greensky Login Steps

In order to manage your Greensky online account, you have to log in to your online account. The Greensky login steps is very simple. On the Greensky Login portal, you can make a one-time payment, set up a series of up to six (6) individual payments, or establish recurring auto payments. It’s all designed to make it easy and convenient.

You must have your username and password to access the Greensky login portal. Those who don’t have their login credentials, have to register first. However, If you already have your login credentials, then simply follow these simple instructions below to access your online account:

Greensky Login Steps

Step 1: Go to the Greensky Login page:

Step 2: Upon reaching the Greensky Login portal, provide your user ID or email and password in the blank spaces below and then press “Sign In”. If the particulars entered are correct you will also be taken to your account dashboard.

How To Make a Payment to GreenSky

GreenSky will send you billing statements showing, among other things, transactions on your account, the minimum monthly payment due, and your payment due date. Your payment due date will be the same day of the month every month until you pay off your loan.

You may make a payment online at, by sending a check to the address on your billing statement, or by calling (844) 810-7713 or (844) 570-9915 and making a check by phone payment.

How To Contact Greensky

On behalf of all funding banks participating in the GreenSky® Program, they want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the GreenSky® Program. If you ever have any concerns that they should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact them by signing in to your CSSP Profile and sending them a message.

If you’re unable to sign in or have a question, please contact them. They will work on behalf of your lender to try to resolve your concerns in a way that is professional, transparent, and fair.

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