Guaranteed Rate Login: How To Pay Your Mortgage Online

Guaranteed Rate is a good lender for several types of home loans, including interest-only mortgages that can be hard to find elsewhere. In this post, I’ll walk you through the Guaranteed Rate Login steps to sign into your account online and also show you how to pay your mortgage online.

But wait, What is Guaranteed Rate?

Guaranteed Rate Companies is a U.S. residential mortgage company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Guaranteed Rate was Founded in 2000 by Victor Ciardelli, the company had $73 billion in funded volume in 2020. As of 2021, the company has more than 10,000 employees and more than 850 offices nationwide and is located in 50 states.

One easy way to pay off your mortgage sooner is to pay your loan on a biweekly basis instead of monthly. For example, if your monthly mortgage payment is $1,000, you’d pay $500 every 2 weeks instead of $1,000 at the end of the month.

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Guaranteed Rate Login Steps

The first step involved in paying your Guaranteed Rate mortgage online is by Logging in to your account. To log into your Guaranteed Rate mortgage online just follow the steps below.

Guaranteed Rate Login: How To Pay Your Mortgage Online

The first step is to turn on your computer or mobile phone, open your browser, and go to visit the Guaranteed Rate Login page >>

The second step is to enter your username and password and you can see in the image above and then click the “Log in” button.

You will be able to access your Guaranteed Rate mortgage online account if the logins are accurate.

Now lets see how you can pay your Guaranteed Rate mortgage online.

How To Pay Your Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Online

If this is your first payment you are required to see your First Payment Letter in your closing package or billing statement to learn how to make your first payment. If this is not your first payment, review your billing statement or electronic communications on how to make your payments.

Guaranteed Rate service transfers most of their loans which means how you make a payment may have changed from your first payment letter. If you did not receive a billing statement or Notice of Transfer, you can contact them at 800-263-4159

If your loan is serviced by Guaranteed Rate, go to and enter your loan information to be redirected to their servicing website.


1: Who is servicing my loan? The servicer is the company responsible for collecting your mortgage payment and sending you account-related notices. Generally, during the first 60-90 days following closing, Guaranteed Rate will service the mortgage account and is the company to whom you should send payments as instructed in your closing documents or billing statement.

If Guaranteed Rate transfers or assigns the servicing or subservicing of your mortgage account, you will receive a Notice of Servicing Transfer letter informing you of the identity of any new mortgage servicer or subservicer and any changes to your account number or payment information.

Transfer of servicing can result in a different account number being assigned and mortgage company or address where you will send your payments. If you have a received a Notice of Service Transfer to a servicer or subservicer affiliated with Guaranteed Rate, you are required to use the account information on that Notice to access your loan servicing account information in the portal.

2: What if I mailed my payment to Guaranteed Rate, but I just received notification that my loan is being transferred to another servicer? If you have sent a payment to Guaranteed Rate and receive a notification that your servicing has been transferred, there is no need to cancel your check or send a new payment. They will forward all payments received within 60 days of service transfer to the new servicer on your behalf.

Payments received after this period may be forwarded to the new servicer or returned to the remitter directly.

3: When will I get my first billing statement? The first billing statement is mailed approximately 15 days prior to the payment due date. The billing statement provides details regarding the payment amount, the due date and where to send your payment. If you did not receive a billing statement, please contact them at 800-263-4159

You may also reach them at 866-934-7283 or by utilizing their services at Loan Options. Thanks


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