HDFC Home Loan Login: How To Manage Your Home Loan Account

The availability of a host of online facilities such as 24X7 chat assistance through bots on website and WhatsApp to get your home loan queries answered and the convenience of managing your home loan account online on the HDFC Home Loan Login portal are some of the important facilities you should consider while choosing a home loan provider.

Meanwhile, If you are interested in the HDFC Home Loan online account services, Insurance Diaries will take you through easy steps that will help you access and manage your HDFC Home Loan account with less stress, you will also learn how to create/Get User ID If you have existing account details.

HDFC Home Loan Login Steps

To manage your HDFC Home Loan account online, you must register and own an online account at However, if you are a new borrower, you can create an online account using either your loan account number and your date of birth.

To create your account, go to If you already have your HDFC Home Loan login details, then it will be really simple and easy for you to login into your account by following the HDFC Home loan Login steps below.

HDFC Home Loan Login: How To Manage Your Home Loan Account
  1. First, you have to go to the HDFC Home Loan Login page
  2. There you have to enter your login details, i.e. your user ID and password for your loan account
  3. And, after entering your login details, click on the “Login” option to finish your login process.

Kindly Sign Up if you are a new user.

How To Make Your HDFC Home Loan Payment

For your convenience, HDFC offers various modes for repayment of your house loan. You may issue standing instructions to your banker to pay the installments through ECS (Electronic Clearing System), opt for direct deduction of monthly installments by your employer or issue post-dated cheques from your salary account.

Hwoever, if you are thinking about prepaying your HDFC home loans early, then I must say it is a clever decision. Even though you will have to pay prepayment charges, you will ultimately save a lot of money on the interest cost.

You can pre-close your home loan in several ways; you can pay the entire amount at one time or you can pay in part. It all depends on your fund requirements. Let me explain how to prepay HDFC home loan at one shot easily.

How to Do Prepayment of Hdfc Home Loan Entirely

  • Prepare a list of all documents that you will be required to submit to the bank along with the application (link given below). These documents include a bank loan statement, letter requesting for closure of the loan, identity proof, tripartite agreement, conveyance deed, builder buyer agreement, sale deed of the property, possession letter, bank loan statement, etc.


  • After that, your bank will calculate the outstanding amount as well as the interest and penalties if any.
  • Next, you will have to deposit the required amount using the Demand Draft or cheque.
  • After that, your bank will provide you with an acknowledgment letter specifying the same.
  • The No Dues certificate and The NOC (No Objection Certificate) will be provided to you in a couple of days.
  • After the loan is closed, your bank will give back all your original property papers mentioning that the property is free from amortization and you’re now the official owner of that property.

Also, you can easily pay loan EMI online through the official HDFC website. Just log in using your credentials, choose the appropriate loan account and make the payment. Alternatively, you can pay the EMI by logging in to their official HDFC app and clicking on the Payment tab.

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