HealthHelp Provider Login: How To Access Your Account Online

HealthHelp partner with health plans to manage value-based care in a complex, ever-changing environment. However, the HealthHelp Provider Login portal is an online portal that allows users to access and manage their HealthHelp Provider resources online.

Read our downloadable guide carefully and completely. It contains important information that should answer most of your questions about how accessing your HealthHelp online account. If you are a customer and would like to obtain a secure login, please Contact HealthHelp for assistance. Keep in mind, though, that like this website, it only gives general information. It is not the law. It is not a regulation. It is not legal advice.

What You Should Know About HealthHelp

HealthHelp, LLC provides healthcare services. The Company offers radiology, cardiology, oncology, pain management, sleep care, orthopedic, and emergency medicine services. Radiology benefit management company that provides of a comprehensive set of radiology cost-containment services to health insurers, third-party administrators, preferred provider networks, and self-insured employers. HealthHelp operates in the States of Texas and New York.

  • Sector: Health Care
  • Industry: Health Care
  • Sub-Industry: Health Care Facilities & Svcs
  • Founded: 05/28/2008
  • Address: 16945 Northchase Drive Suite 1300 Houston, TX 77060 United States
  • Phone Number: 1-281-447-7000
  • Website:
  • Competitors: HealthHelp partners with health plans to manage appropriate care in a complex, ever-changing environment. HealthHelp have developed a predictable evidence-based model that helps ensure the best clinical outcomes while eliminating inappropriate tests and procedures and controlling .
  • Mission: HealthHelp’s mission is to build partnerships with health plans, while keeping provider advocacy and patient care at the forefront.

HealthHelp Provider Features

The user will be given access to information which in some cases might include individually identifiable health information, which is considered private, privileged and confidential. Such information is deemed to be Covered Information for purposes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), P.L. 104-191.

The user is required to maintain the private, privileged and confidential status of the Covered Information. The user is prohibited from further using or disclosing the Covered Information for any purpose other than the purpose for which access is granted. Please acknowledge these terms by logging in. If the user logs in, it is intended to be the legal equivalent of the user’s signature on a written document and equally binding. The user will be given access only by logging in.

HealthHelp Provider Login Steps

A user ID and password is required for access to the HealthHelp Provider Login portal. If you are a customer and would like to obtain a secure login, please Contact HealthHelp customer support for assistance.

If you already have your HealthHelp online account user ID, that means you may access it at any time. It’s simple to log in to your online account, and user ID and password is required for access to the HealthHelp login portal. However, follow these easy steps below to access your account:

Step 1. Go to Health Help Provider Login page via

Step 2: Upon reaching the Health Help Provider login page, provide your User ID followed by your password in the blank spaces below and then press “Submit”. If the particulars entered are correct you will also be taken to your account dashboard.

In any case you cannot remember your HealthHelp Provider Login credentials, you can retrieve it by visiting the “I forgot my password” link.

HealthHelp Contact Information

You can reach them at (800) 405-4817 for general information about their services, Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM. To contact a HealthHelp sales representative, call (877) 795-0373. After business hours, call (800) 405-4817 and leave a message and phone number and they will return your call the next business day.


  1. Lori Westover says:

    I am needing to get signed up for this website as I will be a payor authorization specialist needing to check for authorizations on our patients.

  2. Lori Westover says:

    I am needing access to your website because I am a Payor Authorization Specialist and will need to obtain authorization for my patients.

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