HO2 vs HO3 Homeowners Insurance: Which Is Better?

Ho2 vs Ho3: An HO2 policy is one of the basic versions of a homeowner’s insurance policy. It only covers the named perils that are listed on the policy. An HO3 policy covers your contents by a named perils basis only. An HO5 policy includes all the coverages of an HO3 policy.

The typical Homeowner’s policy comes in two basic forms, nowadays, an HO2 and an HO3. For better or worse, an HO3 policy is referred to in the business as an “All Risk” policy. This is really a misnomer because it does not cover
everything that can happen to your house. It should have been dubbed a “Named Exclusion” policy. In contrast, a HO2 policy is a Named Peril policy.

Ho2 vs Ho3 | Similarly, what is an ho2 homeowners policy?

An HO2 policy is a type of home insurance that is written on a named-perils basis. This means it only covers damage to your property that’s caused by one of the perils listed on the policy. Some HO2 policies also cover your personal property and liability.

Beside above, is ho5 better than ho3? Coverage – A HO5 policy is considered better than a HO3 insurance policy as far as coverage is concerned. It is so, since the former ensures wider coverage for both the structure and the contents of the insured home. Cost – A HO5 Policy is more expensive than a HO3 insurance policy.

Accordingly, what is an HO 3 homeowners insurance policy?

(ISO), homeowners forms portfolio, the HO 3 insures the described owner-occupied dwelling, private structures in connection with the dwelling, unscheduled personal property on and away from the premises, and loss of use. Personal liability coverage and medical payments coverage are also provided by this policy.

What is an h02 policy?

HO2 Insurance Policies Cover Named Perils The HO2 insurance policy is a named perils insurance policy. This means it covers your home (dwelling) and all the stuff you own (your personal property) for damage caused by perils that are named – or listed – in your policy. Click to see full answer.

The HO 2 Policy says that if any of the following perils happen, they will consider it a claim:

  • Fire Lightning Wind Hail Explosion
  • Riot/civil commotion Aircraft Vehicles Smoke Theft
  • Vandalism/Malicious
  • Mischief
  • Glass
  • Breakage Pipe Freezing Volcanic
  • Eruption
  • Falling
  • Objects
  • Weight of Ice, Sleet, Snow Collapse Electric
  • Current

This seems like it covers about everything that could possibly happen to a home. It isn’t. Flood, earthquake and Ice Dam are just a couple of perils that the HO2 policy does not cover. The important concept here, is that the perils are named. Hence, it is a Named Perils Policy.

The HO3 Policy, on the other hand, covers you for all risk of physical loss Except for the following:

  • Ordinance of Law
  • Earth movement
  • Governmental Action
    Nuclear Hazard
  • Power failure
  • War / military action
    Water (Flood)
  • Inherent defects
  • Vermin

It should have been called the tongue tripping Named Exclusion policy instead of All Risk, for it invites consumer confusion. Note, however, that even an HO3 policy covers the personal property on a named peril basis.


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