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Home Depot Credit Card is a very popular Credit Card with lots of Benefits, In this post we are going to discuss everything in detail. At the end of this post you will learn what Home Depot Credit Card Benefits are, how to login to your Home Depot Credit Card account and how to make a Home Depot Credit Card Payment.

The Home Depot, Inc., commonly known as Home Depot, is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered in incorporated Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address.

What Bank Does Home Depot Use?

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card can only be used on purchases at Home Depot. The card is issued by Citibank and offers different financing options. If you plan on making a large purchase, this card provides financing options based on the price of the purchase.

Home Depot Credit Card Benefits

The primary benefit of applying for The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is the ability to finance purchases. Whether you’re working on small repairs around the house or an entire makeover, this card helps reduce the amount of interest you would pay.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers six-month financing on purchases of $299 or more. This means you won’t be charged any interest if you pay the balance within this six-month period. You can even finance certain purchases for 24 months on special promotions.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card includes several benefits:

  • No-hassle returns for one year, which is four times the typical policy.
  • Special deals for discount
  • Zero non-authorized charges liability
  • Citibank pre-qualification does not affect your credit value

The major special funding option of the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is 6 months’ financing for purchases totalling $299 or more. A variety of funding incentives given by this card are limited in time, including:

  • Special equipment funding for 12 months costs $299 and more.
  • Riding mowers costing $899 or more.
  • The installed fence starts at $2,999 and goes up from there.
  • Roofs, siding, windows, insulation, gutters, and leaf protection cost $5,000 or more to install.
  • Customized financing for 24 months on special order and installed blinds, shades, and shutters.

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Home Depot Credit Card Rewards

If you have a commercial credit card from Home Depot, you can sign up for Fuel Rewards. You’ll earn at least 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend on qualifying purchases at Home Depot. You have until the last day of the calendar month following your purchase to use those rewards.

Does Home Depot have a good credit card?

The Home Depot Credit Card has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on WalletHub, with 50% of people giving four stars and only 15% giving two or fewer. You can read their reviews in detail for more context, but these ratings seem to indicate general satisfaction.

This offer isn’t available through Home Depot’s consumer credit card or home improvement loans. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a contractor, own a business or have a business account to apply for Home Depot’s commercial credit card. If you plan on making it rain at the Home Depot, it’s worth applying for this card.

What is the limit on a Home Depot Credit card?

$500: The starting credit limit for Home Depot Credit Card is usually $500. You can be approved with only a Fair (640+) credit score, but your credit limit depends on various factors, the most important being your credit history and your disposable income.

Home Depot Customer Service

Customer Questions: Click here or call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Applicant Questions: For questions from careers.homedepot.com, please call 1-866-698-4347 Applicant Questions

Vendor/Supplier/Provider Services: If you have an interest in becoming a vendor/supplier/service provider for Home Depot, please visit the HDConnect which is The Home Depot’s Service Provider Portal for all U.S. and Canada Merchandise suppliers, Non-Merchandise suppliers, Carriers, and other Home Depot business partners. Please register by clicking here.

Media Inquiries: If you are a reporter or member of the media, please Click here or call:

  • 770-384-4646 (U.S.)  
  • 416-386-5847 (Canada)
  • (81) 81-55-68-69 (Mexico)

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