HomeLoanServ Login: How To Make Your Mortgage Payment

HomeLoanServ is the department that provides customer service on your loan. Once you register for online access to your account, log in to the HomeLoanServ Login portal, you will have a full and secure access your Borrower Connection account, make a payment, enroll in AutoPay or view online account information.

Refinancing with HomeLoanServ means you’ll still have the same great people servicing your mortgage. You’ll still have the same great customer service team to support your home loan payment needs. You’ll even have the same great people to help out with housing counseling and other needs if you run into any financial difficulties.

How To Create Online Access To Your HomeLoanServ Account

If you’re a HomeLoanServ customer, you can sign up for online access to your account. It’s a fast and easy way to pay your bill, view your current balance and so much more. Once you’ve completed your My Account registration, you can:

  • Make online payments
  • Set up automatic, recurring loan payments free of charge
  • Review your loan statements and payment history
  • View and download PDF files of your monthly statements
  • Cancel your mailed statements and switch to eStatements
  • Schedule Account Alert emails

To register your account online, go to https://homeloanserv.com/CreateAccount to create one. You will need your loan number to connect your loans to the account.

HomeLoanServ Login Steps

To manage your account, make a payment, and view details on your loan you need to be logged into the HomeLoanServ Login portal. Those who doesn’t have an online account have to register first by following the steps above. However, if you have already registered for online account, to login follow the steps below.

HomeLoanServ Login: How To Make Your Mortgage Payment
  1. Go to the HomeLoanServ page @ https://homeloanserv.com/Account/Login
  2. In Sign-in Username, type the username that you selected when you signed up for online access to your HomeLoanServ account. Note: Your your e-mail address maybe your username.
  3. In Password, type your password.
  4. Click Log In

For your security, after five failed login attempts, your account will be locked. To prevent this, we suggest using Forgot Username or Forgot Password to update your login information after your third failed attempt. If you get locked out, wait ten minutes and your account will automatically be unlocked.

How To Make Your HomeLoanServ Mortgage Payment

HomeLoanServ has several convenient options to choose from to pay your mortgage. Payment is due on the first day of each month. Late charges are assessed to your loan if payments are received after the 16th of the month. HomeLoanServ does not accept payments by credit cards. Payments can be made through a bank account, but you’ll need your account number and routing number.

1: Pay Online With Borrower Connection: Paying your mortgage online through HomeLoanServ’s Borrower Connection is a secure and convenient way to manage your monthly payments. Log in every month to make a payment or save time and enroll in AutoPay. By using the AutoPay feature, you avoid missing your payment and getting a late fee. It’s quick to set up, and payment will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

Go to https://homeloanserv.com/Account/Login to log in to your Borrower Connection account and make a payment or enroll in AutoPay.

Don’t have a Borrower Connection account? Go to https://homeloanserv.com/CreateAccount to create one. You will need your loan number to connect your loans to the account.

More information on setting up online payments is available in the informational packet mailed to you when you got your loan. If you need additional assistance contact HomeLoanServ customer service.

2: Pay by Phone (Automated System): If you prefer to pay by phone, there is a free automated payment option. You will need to have your loan number, zip code, and bank account information available when making a payment through the automated system.

To use the system, call 800.526.7145 and select the option to make your payment through the automated system (press 9) and follow the prompts. You will identify your loan number, then confirm and add bank account information.

Please note, you may only pay your monthly payment through the automated phone system. Payment of additional principal or late fees are not accepted.

3: Pay by Phone (Customer Service Representative): You can pay over the phone by speaking to a customer service representative. However, we encourage you to make your payment online through Borrower Connection or through the automated phone system because there are no fees for these options. You will be charged a $10 fee if you choose to contact a customer service representative to pay.

Call 800.526.7145 and choose option 6 to speak to a customer service representative.

4: Pay by Mail: To make your payment to HomeLoanServ by mail, send your payment to:

P.O. Box 7541
Boise, ID 83707

With either option, please include your payment coupon. If that is not available, include your loan number, street address or both on the memo. If you are paying additional principal, you should include this in the memo of your payment. Please do not send cash.

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