Hometown Bank Login | How To Access Your Bank Account Online

Hometown Bank offers its customers an easy way of banking via internet banking. The bank requires that all customers to register for the internet banking services. We have covered here steps that you need to follow when you want to find and use your Hometown Bank Login, change the password and sign up Hometown online banking services.

About HomeTown Bank

Hometown Bank provides banking services. The Company offers personal and business banking such as checking accounts, saving accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, investment, and online banking services. Hometown Bank operates in the United State.

Hometown Bank Login Steps

The process of logging in shouldn’t take a lot of your time because you are only required to key in the correct logins. Follow these steps to log in:

If you are a new customer, click here to enroll.

How To Retrieve Your Hometown Bank Login

Changing the password for your online account should be easy because the bank has made it so. This is basically to give customers a good banking experience. Here are simple steps to follow when you want to change your password:

  • Go to https://www.bankhometown.com/login/
  • Click forgot password
  • Enter your email address, the last four digits of your social security number and access ID and click submit

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Why am I sometimes asked to verify my identity? In some situations, bankHometown may provide an additional level of security and ask you to verify your identity. This is another level of security for your protection.

2: Where can I get login assistance for Online Banking? For login assistance you can call toll free at 888.307.5887.

3: What if I forgot my Password? If you forgot your Password, click on the Reset Password link located on the User ID or Password screen. You will then be asked to enter information to identify yourself and allowed to choose and confirm your new Password.

4: What is the difference between Quicken Web Connect and Quicken Direct Connect? Quicken® Web Connect
The Web Connect service is an on demand update for your Quicken® software that is completed by you at your convenience from your bankHometown Online Banking profile. Simply sign in to bankHometown Online Banking to export transactions directly from your account history and import them into your Quicken® software.

NOTE: This is the most secure process for maintaining your Quicken® software as you do not have to share your online banking User ID and Password with the Quicken® software.Quicken® Direct Connect
With the Direct Connect service your Quicken® software communicates directly with a connection to your bankHometown Online Banking profile. To establish this service, you will need to initiate a connection process between your Quicken® software and your bankHometown Online Banking profile. Visit http://quicken.intuit.com/ for instructions on how to enable this service.

5: What is the difference between the current and available balance? The available balance displayed on your deposit accounts includes your current balance minus any holds. Your available balance displayed does not include savings overdraft, unused reserve credit and assigned overdraft privilege limits. The available balance displayed on your loan accounts is the amount of the funds available for your use.

6: Why should I notify bankHometown that I am travelling? bankHometown is dedicated to your security. Our Fraud Prevention department monitors your account activity and reviews the activity for suspicious behavior. When leaving the area it is best to notify bankHometown of your travel plans so a note can be made and your Debit card will remain active.  If you will be traveling internationally, or just outside of your normal geographical area, contact us first at 888.307.5887 and we will make sure that your card will work while you travel.

How can I find the interest earned on my account?The Account Detail module located in the right side column of the Account Activity page displays information such as the Interest Rate, Previous Year Interest, Year to Date Interest and Last Interest Amount. Simply select the interest bearing account you wish to inquiry upon from the drop down and press search.

7: How do I change the nickname on an account? To change your account nickname, click on the Manage Account Nickname link under My Accounts or in the Service Center. Select the account you wish to change the nickname for from the Select an Account to Nickname menu and click submit. In the Account Nickname section, click Change. An account Nickname popup window will appear. Input your new nickname and press submit.

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