How Does Farmers Signal App Work?

If you are new to Signal App by Farmers Insurance, you will always want to know everything about the app. Your question maybe “How Does Farmers Signal App Work? Well you we will try to cover every necessary things about Farmers Signal App that you need to know about.

Telematics programs are on the rise among insurance companies. Instead of relying on accidents and other sometimes outdated records, insurance companies want to know how you drive now. It tells them more about the risk you actually pose as an insured. For safe drivers or those willing to respond to the information given, you could enjoy lower auto insurance rates, even if your driving record is less than perfect.

Everything You Need To Know About Signal by Farmers

Signal by Farmers is a mobile app that tracks your driving habits and offers you a discount on your car insurance. To enroll in the program, you need to talk to Farmers insurance agents and you’ll receive a link to download the app. All drivers on your Farmers car insurance policy can enroll in the program.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a 5 percent discount on your car insurance just for using the Farmers Signal app. To get this discount, you need to complete 10 qualifying trips with the app. Then you get an additional discount based on your driving after the evaluation period. Keep in mind only one participation discount is applied to the policy, regardless of how many people you have on the policy.

How Does Farmers Signal App Work?

Once you start using Signal by Farmers, your driving will be monitored and the app will award you a score based on your driving. The score updates after every trip you take. When you renew your Farmers car insurance policy, your Signal discount will be reflected. The discount depends on the driving scores of everyone on your policy that participates in the program. The more people that use it on your policy, the better chance you have to receive a higher Signal discount.

In addition to offering you a discount, the Farmers Signal app provides valuable insight that you can use to become a safer driver. You can also view your overall driving score and compare it to the scores of other family members to encourage safe driving amongst your family.

The Farmers Signal app gives you a personalized map of your trips. The map shows you where you drove, how many miles you drove, how long the trip took you, and any risky driving events you had throughout the trip. The risky driving behaviors tracked by the Farmers Signal app are excessive speeding, hard braking and distracted driving. The map of your trip shows you if and when these events happened on your trip.

What Driving behaviors Does Signal by Farmers Insurance Monitor?

In order to offer you a car insurance discount and insight on your driving habits, Signal by Farmers tracks certain driving behaviors. You and anyone else enrolled in the program receive a driver score based on your driving patterns. The following behaviors are tracked and may affect the amount of your Signal discount.

1. Distracted driving: The Farmers Signal app tracks distracted driving behaviors. It can detect phone use while you’re driving. Distracted driving is a risky behavior so it negatively affects your Signal driving score and discount amount. Small things you might not notice like more drifting around your lane could also indicate distracted driving and a greater risk to your auto insurance provider.

2. Braking Hard: If you have to brake very suddenly, you’re more likely to get into an accident. The braking itself could lead to someone rear ending you. But if you hard brake on a regular basis, it’s more likely that you’re engaging in other dangerous driving behaviors creating the need to brake faster. It suggests that you’re also not anticipating driving events and need to stop abruptly. Signal by Farmers can detect hard braking while you’re driving and it counts negatively towards your Signal discount.

3. Speeding: Speeding is a risky driving behavior. Signal monitors your speed and tracks excessive speeding and acceleration incidents. This could include going over the posted speed limit or exceeding about 80 mph in most areas.

4. Miles driven: Signal tracks the number of miles you drive. Drivers who drive less are less likely to get into a car accident. Of course, some people drive long distances and never get in an accident or drive short distances and get into multiple accidents. Signal is using common patterns.

5. Time of day: Certain times of day are considered more dangerous to drive than others. Typically, it’s more dangerous to drive late at night than it is to drive during the day. Visibility and the alertness of the driver are both factors and objective, third-party resource might consider. Signal monitors the time of day you drive.

Should I Enroll In Signal Program?

Drivers have the potential to earn a significant discount on their Farmers car insurance by using Signal and practicing safe driving habits. It also helps encourage you and your family to be safer drivers.

However, when you use Signal, you’re allowing Farmers to collect information from you. So be sure you know how your information could be used. Is it worth it to enroll in the Signal program? Some policyholders have written Farmers reviews discussing Signal.

If you need immediate assistance, contact your Farmers Agent or Customer Service at 1-888-327-6335.


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