How To Apply For Merrick Bank Credit Card

Merrick Bank credit cards are primarily for those who have bad credit history. To know How To Apply For Merrick Bank Credit Card is important because the bank issues secured Visa cards and unsecured credit cards. Merrick Bank unsecured credit card offers usually come by mail or email as an invitation to apply, but you can also pre-qualify for them online. Alternatively, you can always apply online for a secured credit card without any invitation from Merrick Bank.

Merrick Bank dedicated to providing solution-based products and services which are FDIC insured. The bank’s goal is to help sub-prime consumers and it does everything to ease their financial life. To help you manage finances right, the bank has online financial education center. If you have some problems with credit card use, you can always visit this center and find the decision.

To apply for a secured Visa card from Merrick Bank you will have to provide minimum $200 to open your security deposit. Your credit limit will be equal to the security deposit you pay. So, if you want more, you can send more however, the amount of $3,000 is the maximum deposit you can pay.

Unsecured credit cards from Merrick Bank also bear Visa logo on them meaning the cards can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Review Merrick Bank cards here and apply right now without waiting for an invitation from the bank.

How to Get the Best Credit Card Offers

Choose from Credit Cards That Are Good for Your Credit Score: Take your credit score into consideration to find the best card for you. Banks offer various deals for people with various credit scores. The customers with good credit and excellent credit will be eligible for prime offers with best perks and bonuses. The ones with a lower score need to build credit first using secured credit cards or cards for bad credit. If you don’t know what your credit score is, you can check it.

Determine Your Goals

Earn rewards. If you have good credit and want to earn cash back on every purchase, you can choose from cash back credit cards. If you spend a lot on dining or entertainment, credit cards with increased rewards in these categories are the best choice. General travel credit cards offer great rewards earning opportunities for travelers.

Build credit. Those who are rebuilding their credit, should consider secured credit cards. Secured cards usually require a deposit of around $200 and give you a better chance of being approved.

Save money on interest. If you are planing a big purchase, consider 0% APR credit cards. Keep in mind, that these offers often are available for people with good credit. What is more, after the introductory interest rate is over, an ongoing APR will apply.

Consider Fees and APR: Find out if there are any promotional offers on the card and the duration of these offers. Also, gain clarity on the various fees you will need to pay. You may choose from no annual fee credit cards or find out if they are waived for the first year. Make sure you understand all terms very well before you fill out the application form and apply for the best credit card to help you financially.

How To Apply For Merrick Bank Credit Card

If you want to apply for this card online, then you need to have a personal computer and it must be connected to the internet. Here are the simple steps that you should follow for online credit card application:

Click the link: or copy it into the address bar of your internet browser and hit enter. This will help you visit the official webpage designed by the bank to accept Merrick Bank Credit Card applications.

Now, fill up the on-screen form with the details, such as your First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Addr​ess (e.g., 1234 NW Any Stre​et, Ap​t 3B, Any To​wn, NY 01234), Email. etc. Now go the next page…

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Merrick Bank Credit Card Customer Service

Contact Customer Service for billing disputes, questions about your account and general correspondence.


Merrick Bank
Customer Service
P.O. Box 9201
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001


1-800-204-5936TTY/TDD: 1-800-253-4563

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